Counter Terrorist 2-gun strike mod apk (MOD Features unlimited coins)

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Counter-Terrorist is a game that has been released in Indonesia in 1997. Counter-Terrorist is the ultimate challenge as a gamer and there are many things that you need to know about Counter-Terrorist. In this game, you have to eliminate all the terrorists that entered your country and took control over the airports, toll stations and television sets. To perform well in Counter-Terrorist, you need to know how to use different weapons and different techniques. Here are some tips on how to play Counter-Terrorist 2-gun-point attack game on your PC.

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Playing Counter Terrorist

Android users are not limited to playing Counter Terrorist over the internet. You can also play the amazing game on your android phone with the assistance of an APK download. Just install the authentic apk file onto your android phone and you can now play the incredibly exciting online game for free.

Gun-point attack

Counter-Terrorist 2-gun-point attack allows you to upgrade your weapon and buy new gadgets for you. You can even purchase unlimited money. This amazing game gives you endless chances of fighting against new terrorists every level. If you are tired of the storyline, then you can continue to the next levels to fight more terrorists.

Popular application

This amazing game costs only $1.5. You can download Counter Terrorist 2-gun-point attack from the official Google play store. This is a popular application that was rated number one in its category by Google. The app allows you to connect to the server via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can use the internet to surf the internet, send emails, and use other internet applications.

Normal mode

To install Counter Terrorist 2-gun point attack, first you need to download the mod. Second, you need to install the application to your phone. Install the normal mode first, if you don’t know how to install it then just go to settings and click on apply. On the normal mode, click “OK.” Now, you can connect to the server through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Tap the home button and move the mouse to the left or right to view the screen.


To connect to the Counter-Terrorist 2-gun strike apk through the normal mode, just tap “connect” and follow the onscreen instructions. Once you’re connected, you can see a fake icon on your screen, then tap it. It will prompt you to accept terms and conditions of the developer, and then you can start the Counter Terrorist 2-gun game by entering your codeword. To finish the level, you have to kill all the terrorists.


The Counter Terrorist 2-gun strike apk has several levels, and you can select the best one for you. If you fail to complete the level, you will have to replay it. In the previous levels, you will face new waves of terrorists and waves of robot enemies. In the later levels, the robots will be replaced by robots armed with weapons. The Counter Terrorist 2-gun strike requires you to shoot down enemy aircraft using weaponized robots or man-made aircraft.


The Counter Terrorist 2-gun strike mod enables you to purchase weapons for each level, and use them freely. Each weapon has different effects, but they are very useful in attacking certain waves of robots and enemy aircraft. You can buy machine guns, knives, pistols, explosives, etc. This mod has been designed to work with the popular game android, which is version 5.

Protect the president

Android Police is a challenging action shooting game where you have to protect the president from the counter terrorist group. Android Police has several themes, and you can choose one as per your preference. The Counter Terrorist mod is one such example of such themes. In this Shooting Game, you are required to shoot down the aircraft of the enemy without letting them escape. You can move freely about the playing field, and use the provided weapons to kill the enemies. You have various difficulties to challenge yourself on, and these make the game more exciting.


You have limited ammunition in this Counter Terrorist shooting game, and if you run out of bullets, you will not be able to continue the game. To continue, you have to clear all the enemies in the level before you can continue. There are several objectives in the game, and you are required to accomplish them successfully. The objectives will help you gain experience points as well.

These points are necessary to level up. As you move on, you will realize that the level gets progressively harder, and you have to be well-informed about the game controls to make sure that you don’t lose the levels in the process.


You have to install Counter Terrorist 2-gun strike apk to be able to continue playing the game normally, and defeat the enemies easily. You do not have any lives, once you hit the lowest level. You also have a small amount of green energy, which will restore your health if you take damage. You need to keep hitting the enemies with the provided guns to kill them in a jiffy.

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