Cooking Yummy Restaurant Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

New cooking games are available on the Nintendo Wii console. Cook up a party with Cooking Yummy Restaurant Mod Apk. This multi-featured downloadable application from Cooking Yummy Studio is a suitable complement to the popular Nintendo Wii console.

It is an application that allows you to enjoy the food simulator experience with more depth than your average cooking game. With an easy-to-use interface, you can create your own restaurant and invite players through the use of a single-player mode.

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Cooking Yummy Restaurant

Cooking Yummy Restaurant Mod Apk is a news release from Cooking Yummy Studio, a new company created by five members who are enthusiasts of games. The main focus of this new release is to recreate life as a chef in the modern world.

You will have the option to choose from over twenty different recipes, cook your own food, manage your restaurant’s finances, sell items, and participate in competitions. This multi-faceted cooking game offers an intuitive user interface and is compatible with the established Wii console. Here are some of its new features:

* Cooking Yummy Restaurant – the most popular free-download version available for the Wii, now improved and enhanced with new features. * Cooking Yummy Restaurant mod apk now includes the ability to view other players in your restaurant, manage the finances, advertise events, and upload images from your own kitchen.

Mentioned Modes

In the previously mentioned modes, you also have the options to play against the computer or another player via the network. * Themed events allow you to attract a number of guests to your restaurant, with new guest requests coming in every day. New events include the Daily Deal, Happy Hour Specials, Weekend Get-Togethers, Party Packages, and Special Events.

* Cooking Yummy Restaurant now allows the use of Facebook Connect to upload images and recipes from your My Cooking page. You can also set up events and send invites to your friends through Facebook. Some of the other cooking games you can enjoy from Facebook include Cooking Games and Challenges.

Six Different Cooking

* Cooking Yummy Restaurant Mod Apk now has twenty-six different cooking games to play. You can compete against the computer or another player. The player rankings are determined by the score you earn for each cooking game.

The regular games include a Game Center submission, an eBay auction, and a rating system based on user-submitted reviews. New games are added on a regular basis, allowing you to play games for hours on end.

* Cooking Yummy Restaurant now offers over fifty delicious yummy recipes for your next meal. You can get tips for quick, easy, and yummy meals from this site. The recipes themselves come in over fifty different styles including pasta, sandwiches, burgers, seafood, Mexican, vegetarian, desserts, etc.

Delicious Recipes

The best part about all these delicious recipes is that they are provided for both beginners and experienced chefs to help them master yummy recipes. The recipes can be printed right on your screen for convenient viewing.

* In addition to all these delicious yummy recipes, Cooking Yummy Restaurant Mod Apk provides users with a number of tips for successful cooking. These include useful hints and tips for making bread, creating dips, cooking with meats, preparing sauces, and much more.

This site is great for those people who are new to cooking, as it provides useful tips for making a variety of food. You can even print those tips and use them right away when you need them.


* If you’re tired of playing the same old cooking game that you play every day in your favorite online browser, try checking out Cooking Yummy Restaurant. This new version provides an exciting twist with its unique mixture of fun and delicious recipes.

All you have to do is to start cooking and watch your food get prepared for you. You’ll find that this new version of the cooking game is very addictive and fun to play.


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