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Commando Adventure Assasin is a free-to-play, action-adventures, first-person, customizable multiplayer action-adventures game with PvE and PvP content. You play the role of one of two customizable heroes and have an opportunity to level up, obtain new weapons, fight in PVP battles, level up your abilities, purchase upgrades, participate in player versus player battles, and more.

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Commando Adventure Assassin

You are customizable by choosing your skin, name, voice-over talent, portrait, animations, hairstyles, facial expressions, scars, body type, clothing, facial expressions, eye color, weapon, and more. This game has been inspired by the hit series, Killzone. It is available for free to those who are residents in Europe and Australia.

Story of Commando Adventure Assasin

The story of Commando Adventure Assasin revolves around a group of commando assassins. Each of these commandos has a different weapon, as well as different starting weapons that can be improved. The game starts with one character, Komando Macera Suikast (voiced by Kenji Satoyama), who is tasked to protect the Earth from an attack of lava creatures.

Once the enemies have been repelled, Macera goes on to find and kill the leader of the attack, while also attempting to save the other commandos that were taken, hostage.

Beginner mode

The game has four difficulty levels. The lower level, called the Beginner mode, puts players at a basic skill level. The second level increases the player’s skill level and allows for customization of weapons and character, as well as access to special moves and dialogue options.

On the third level of the game, known as Advanced, players can increase their ability level with the help of a series of power-ups that include but are not limited to, the aforementioned Komando Macera suikast, tad n’ tad, or the flame arm.


Commando Adventure Assasin also features four characters. These characters include: Koma Urakasa (voiced by Takanori Yamashita), Takuo Urakasa (Tadayuki Yamashita), Iruka Urakasa (Iruka Yamashita), and Musume Urakasa ( Miyuki Ogasawara). They are all given special powers by the Ordu commander, which grants them additional abilities depending on the nature of their weapon.

Laser Beam

For example, Tadayuki can fly, Musume can change into a wolf, and Iruka can use a laser beam. While this doesn’t specifically state that they can take out the characters that they originally fought in the first part of the game, it is possible to just turn their weapon off and they will have full use of it during battle.

Anime Art

Commando Adventure Assasin also features anime art. Some of the animations are done by a studio called “Nekon”, though it is not certain if this is the company or merely a part of the team’s process. The character model of Tadayuki, Musume, Iruka, and Koma, is based on their model from the Japanese version of Pop Idol, though both versions look far better. The background music is also different, using the anime theme song from the same series, “IKATAMA JUMAMISA”.

Special Forces

Commando Adventure Assasin follows the story of two special forces squadrons of the United States Military, the Task Force 150 and the Black Berets, who must defend or eradicate the evil forces called the Mekos. They’re a race of creatures that are almost human in appearance.

They have strange, glowing orange skin, which gives them an advantage over humans in combat. The game involves missions taken in many environments, which include forests, jungles, mountains, and desert areas.

Multi-Player Modes

Commando Adventure Assasin can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes. A person uses a keyboard and joystick to play the game, which utilizes the Unreal Engine technology for its graphics and sounds. A variety of controls and weapons are used to make this game very exciting.

In terms of gameplay, there are mainly two types of enemies that the players will fight, the first being a friendly robot who waves at the players, and the second being an enemy robot who also waves at the players.


Commando Adventure Assasin can be played using a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad if you so desire. The fighting action is done with a keyboard and joystick, while some level features use a GamePad. Most of the enemies in the game are simple, but some of them are very challenging.

A couple of levels even feature a minefield to complete, using the Gadgets module for enemy robots and an RPG element to it. If you enjoyed the Ninja Turtles, then you’ll love Commando Adventure Assasin.

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