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The freebie for the day, Comical Avocado Escape has been listed in the top five paid app of Google Play. The free version has also been downloaded more times than any other apps on the marketplace. It is not that a lot of people downloaded it initially; instead, it soon grew to be number one in the free app listing of Google Play. This is an app suitable for people from different age groups and from various countries. Even kids as well as adults can enjoy this fun-filled escape game on their mobile phones.

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Comical Avocado Escape

The free description of Comical Avocado Escape offers best escape games here: “You are in the paws of the corporate sharks. Your only chance to survive is to find the code for the helicopter that crashed on earth. Navigate your way through the jungle, avoiding the guards and the hungry sharks, and use the helicopters to take off and fly to the target area. Collect the collected coins along the way to upgrade your helicopter and level up.


The second part of the freebie has been aptly called as Comical Avocado Escape Best Escape Games for Children. The first part of this fun-filled app is dedicated to equipping children with all the knowledge about the real-life situation. Kids will definitely find this part interesting as they get to meet a variety of characters including a chicken farm owner, an evil lion, a vicious snake, and many more.

It will surely make kids wonder how these different characters behave in their real lives. Aside from equipping them with knowledge about the different characters, they can also perform tasks like planting trees, catching fish, and etc.

Escape Game

The second part of this comical avocado escape game provides the gamers with a range of hidden clues as well. For instance, the second part of the game includes a puzzle where players have to find the missing piece of an egg by cracking a number of eggs. It is believed that this particular task is actually based on how the Easter eggs are cracked and placed in various locations of the virtual farm. The clue which will be given after cracking the eggs contains a word which basically tells you where to find the next egg.

Hidden Clues

Comical Avocado Escape is not the only one in the market that offers this unique game. In fact, there are a lot of them out in the market right now. Players can definitely benefit from the experience of learning hidden clues as well as cracking the eggs in this unique online game.


Some other websites also offer a tutorial where one is given an introduction on avocados, the way they are grown and what are the steps involved in raising these fruits in order for players to have a complete understanding as well as complete satisfaction once they have successfully completed a task in the online game. Aside from avocados, some websites also offer other types of exotic fruits like papayas and even pineapples once they add the game on their website.


If you have decided to play this game, it is important that you consider it as a puzzle. This is because this online game is more of a brain teaser. When you finally solved the puzzle, the picture or illustration that you got out of the cracked egg also somehow gives you a hint as to what the next egg will look like. Aside from being a puzzle, this game is also entertaining. You will surely enjoy the time that you spend on playing this challenging escape game.

Flash Game

Comical Avocado Escape is not just another flash game online; it is also a game that is guaranteed to give you a real enjoyment. Aside from the fact that it is a flash game, you can also download it for free. There are a lot of download portals available online that can give you unlimited freebies such as this one.

Free Downloads

Aside from availing free downloads, you can also play it using your mouse and keyboard. The buttons and the images are all movable, so you can definitely increase your skill in using your keyboard and mouse when you are learning how to play this wonderful game.


If you are still new to the world of internet games, I strongly suggest that you take time to learn about funny escape games such as this one. This will greatly help you become more familiar with how online gaming works. You will surely enjoy the time that you spend on this funny escape game. So, if you are looking for a nice break from your usual work or if you want to spice up your daily dose of browsing the internet, I strongly suggest that you download comical avocados escape now.

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