Color Home Design Makeover Apk (Mod Features Free Premium)

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Color Home Design Makeover is now an easy-to-use application with a complete suite of unique features to re-create your dream house! The new apk contains amazing graphics, stunning color combination tools & effects to make your home look like a picture out of your favorite magazine.

Color Home Design Makeover apk gives the freedom to play around with the different widgets to change the entire theme of your home. You can use several tools including Color Splash and Color Recycle in order to re-arrange all the widgets on your home screen for a more organized look.

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Color Home Design Makeover

With the latest version, you can easily access your friends and family that are added as a part of your Google+ account. Color Home Design Makeover apk comes with the latest versions of popular games such as FarmVille and Color Walls to entertain the kids. It also has the latest version of the popular video game Coloraves which is extremely relaxing and fun.

Free Puzzle Game

This free puzzle game Colorave lets you enjoy the best color wallpapers of your favorite artists, create your own color mixes, get the exact hue you want by comparing the colors of your closest friends or even make your own color combinations using the tools available in the Colorave application.

Home Design Makeover apk

Color Home Design Makeover apk comes with a number of amazing wallpapers of beautiful places around the world. You can choose from exotic beaches, forest glades, snow-capped mountains, and many other scenic vistas. To add more life to your walls, the application comes with beautiful color artwork of birds, flowers, and animals. You can also use the number color art gallery to browse through beautiful paintings of famous paintings.

Colorave provides a number of useful features such as premade wallpapers, a number of cool wallpapers for your device, and color home design makeover – paint your dream home.

Amazing Wallpapers

Color Home Design Makeover apk comes with a number of amazing wallpapers. Colorave comes with the most beautiful beach scenes which include a number of seaside resorts, seashores, and islands. The fantastic background music will ensure that you stay calm and collected while trying to master all these amazing wallpapers.

Color Home Design

You can try this amazing free app Color Home Design Makeover is fun and enjoyable. You can use it anytime to enjoy your free time. To add more color to your homes, you can try a number of exciting and funky wallpaper designs such as Animal Farm Day Games & Paradise township hotels which are available on Google Play.

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Android Versions

Color Home Design Makeover apk is compatible with the latest android versions like Jellybean, Kit Kat 4.4, OS2, and so on. It is easy to install and you can get it installed and ready to run in less than five minutes. Color Home Design Makeover apk file can be transferred to other devices by copying it to your computer.

You can also use different mobile phones to check the latest moods of your house with the help of Color Home Design Makeover. Color Home Design Makeover is completely free and provides many options for you to create your dream home.


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