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Coin Trip is an online casino game in which you must join your friends and other players across the world to play in various outlandish locales all across the globe. Strike and assault other players to build up wealth. In the current economic recession, everyone is looking for ways to earn money online. This is the perfect solution.

Coin Trip allows you to earn money for simple transactions or even offers you the ability to trade with other players and win valuable items. The best part about the game is that it is free!

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Coin Trip Apk

Coin Trip has been one of the most popular games available on the Google Play Store. It has been downloaded by users from all around the world and is enjoying good buzz online. You can unlock new lands and challenge other players to defeat you. Once you’re through, you earn money. However, some people don’t want to spend real money on playing Coin Trip. There’s a solution to that as well.

Unlock New Levels

With Coin Trip, you are able to unlock new levels once you acquire enough coins. As the game progresses, you are able to collect dream areas where you can build up your wealth. All dream areas have a certain amount of money within them that the player will receive upon winning. Once enough coins are collected, the player will be able to travel to the dream area and build their riches. Coin Trip requires that you use Google Play Services.

Google Play Service

Once the Google Play Service is installed, you will be able to access the Coin Trip application by searching for it on the Google Play Store. From there, you should choose the coins that you would like to play with, and you will be able to unlock the cities within the game to make money. Coin Trip is free to play and if you play with more than one person, they will each pay the same amount as well.

Madagascar Jam

There is also another variation of this game called Madagascar Jam. This version allows you to enter a virtual reality in order to play the game. You can select an island within the virtual world and then venture out there on your own. The island has a Dollar Bill museum which contains many items depicting American and European history.

Accumulate Rewards

This is a great way to spend your idle time as you earn and accumulate rewards while experiencing the game. The only thing you need to do is download the mod apk from the Android Market to enable your phone to accept the Madeline Jam/ Coin Trip downloads.

Downloaded Apk

The downloaded apk contains all of the features of the game including the ability to earn and collect rewards while enjoying the game. Once you have downloaded the mod apk, you should launch the game and then you will need to connect your Google account to enable the Madeline Jam/ Coin Trip downloads. You can also select “Network” and then type in your email address so that you can receive your reward.

Coin Trip Looter Review

Coin Trip Looter Review – This is another version of the popular Coin Trip where players collect puzzle pieces in order to unlock items. This is a simple but addicting game as you attempt to collect the most puzzle pieces possible in order to progress through the levels.

Collect Puzzle Pieces

The twist is that you only get a certain number of time to collect puzzle pieces before they are used up and you are forced to restart the level. It’s easy to lose track of the amount of puzzle pieces you need to collect, and it’s hard to know when you’ll run out and be forced to redo the level.


Coin Trip Looter is not only fun to play but can also provide entertainment and earn rewards while doing so. The main difference with this version is that you are able to earn rewards while playing the game and there are many different types of trips ranging from those that take only a few minutes to those that can last up to an entire day.

Some versions of the game require only one spin of a wheel, while other versions require you to collect 20 tickets over a period of several weeks or months. Either way, you’ll be sure to earn rewards and be rewarded for your efforts.

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