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What is Clue Hunter? Puzzle games aren’t as popular as shooting or RPG games but that doesn’t mean they’re not fun! In fact, there are lots of great puzzle games on the market today.

Clue Hunter Mod Apk is a unique and cool puzzle game that allows you to essentially be a private detective in charge e of uncovering clues about a recently married client s current whereabouts! You need to use your brainpower to solve the puzzle in order to win the case. Here’s a look at the Clue Hunter apk and how it can help you enjoy this entertaining game even more!

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Clue Hunter’s

One of Clue Hunter’s main features is its in-depth puzzles. You’ll find plenty of different clues scattered about the various rooms of the detective agency. These clues contain information about the possible positions of the suspects. You’ll also see a list of things you need to do in order to “find” the missing clues. There are even times when you’ll have to consult with a computer in order to complete the final step of a clue hunt!


Clue Hunter Mod Apk has a few very neat features that make this game a lot more enjoyable. The first of these is the in-depth instruction guide. This feature will walk you through the steps of how to complete each puzzle. It explains why you must use certain items and when you must use them, and it gives you hints on what items you should use on which room of the house in order to solve the mystery.

Free Trial

Clue Hunter Mod Apk offers a free trial in many cases. You can try solving as many cases as you like. Once you’ve solved one case, you can keep playing and trying to locate more clues. Each clue you find can be redeemed for a prize. You can also purchase items from the store. There are also many cases where you have to use an icon to continue playing instead of completing the puzzle.

Solve our Puzzles

Clue Hunter presents you with multiple choices for how to solve your puzzles. You can make use of a grid of letters to figure out which rooms you must explore in order to solve the case. You may have to examine hidden objects or use the clues you’ve uncovered in order to figure out where the culprits are hiding. When you’re solving a crime, you must use the clues you’ve discovered in order to successfully solve the case.

Different Themes.

Clue HunterMod Apk offers many different themes. You can play as a detective, a weatherman, a cowboy, or even a pirate! The themes represent various different settings and allow you to play as a professional in this exciting puzzle-solving game. The features present in each version of Clue Hunter are the same. You must use your wits, intelligence, critical thinking, and memory to solve the puzzle in each version of Clue Hunter.

Innovative System

Clue Hunter uses an innovative system of challenges and puzzles. In the latest version, you are required to make use of deductive and inductive logic to find the clues and make progress through the case. You are also required to make use of the technology present in the latest version. You are able to look at a picture of a clue in order to uncover it, and place clues in various spots in the pictures that help you solve the case. Some of these features include:


In addition to solving cases, Clue Hunter presents you with many fun and engaging outfits. These outfits consist of clothes suitable for various kinds of detectives. For instance, a detective dressed in a detective outfit is able to solve more crimes with ease.

Clue Hunter Mod Apk outfits feature outfits suitable for a range of ages, from young kids to older adults. Clue Hunter outfits are available in both standard and premium versions.

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