Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game Apk (MOD Features unlimited money)


Is Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game worthy for you? Well, I must say yes. This is actually one cool game to download. This game definitely has an interesting storyline, nice graphics and even an exciting audio track.
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October 3, 2022
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Are Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game worthy for you? Well, I must say yes. This is actually one cool game to download. This game definitely has an interesting storyline, nice graphics, and even an exciting audio track.

You see, in this tactical game, you have to recruit various squadrons of soldiers. Once they are enlisted, you have to send them into battle. You can see their actions on the screen as the game progress. After each mission, you get to see the ranking of each soldier, too. The game definitely has thrilling action and thrilling missions.

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Clone Army

One of the special features of the Clone Army: Tactical Army Game is the ability to customize the uniforms and armors of the soldiers. In addition, you can also equip them with more advanced weapons like laser rifles and machine guns. Why don’t you try using some of these special features?

They are not available in the screenshots of the game’s gallery. However, once you have tried using them, I am sure that you will love using them. Try using them right away!

Feature of Clone Army

You can also try using the mod apk feature of Clone Army: Tactical Army Game. It gives the option to use the APK file to mod your game. APK stands for application package kipop. That is the file used to install the program and run it. If you want to install the mod apk, just follow the directions provided by the developer.

Different Teams

Another useful feature of Clone Army: Tactical Army Game is the possibility of setting up different teams of soldiers. Just select a team from the list of the players and then start playing as if you were playing one of your own armies. Just make sure that you are playing as a part of your own army so you will know how to control your troops.

The same holds true if you were to join an online multiplayer server as the game will need you to be part of the same team in order to be able to use the mod apk feature.


A few other special features of Clone Army: Tactical Army Game is the customization of the battlefield and the vehicles. If you want to design your own army, just go to the game mode and choose from the options available. You can select the weapons, the colors, and the insignia of your units.

There are also several other customizations you can apply if you want to take advantage of them during the game modes like the terrain and the visibility.

Game Mode

These factors are what make up this particular game mode. In fact, the success of a player highly depends on the tactics he or she employs during battle. The battlefield is divided into several parts which include the urban area, the countryside, and the military camp.

The urban area is usually the focus of the Clone armies as it has the shortest distance to traverse. This means that your troops must quickly get from point A to point B.

Fight Against Enemy

And the most important element of this strategy game is the tactical element. This is because in order to successfully fight against enemy soldiers, you need to employ tactics that will enable you to gain the upper hand. Each unit of your character in the Clone armies is capable of doing a number of things depending on the level of the command skill and the skill of each soldier. These special abilities will help your troops survive and eventually win the war.

First Shot

One of the most common tactics used by the character in the game is the individual first shot. If an enemy soldier spots your soldier, then he must immediately target the soldier with his crosshairs on the crosshair. If the target is hit, then that soldier instantly falls to the ground.

For this reason, this strategy game makes use of the element of surprise. The moment an enemy soldier spots your soldier, your character automatically fires off a shot at the target.

Committing Mistakes

Another common tactic employed by the character in this strategy game mod apk is the individual first shot strategy. In this, only one soldier will engage in battle and the rest will stay behind to cover the weak spots of your soldiers.

With this particular tactic, your enemy will be lured into committing mistakes as he will not notice the sudden onslaught of individual first shots. Consequently, your soldiers will easily defeat the entire enemy force with the combined fire of all their guns at once.


Lastly, another strategy in the game that uses the element of surprise is using the terrain to your advantage. If you have good and well-trained troops, then it would be much easier for you to control these units using your own personal military equipment.

In addition to using your personal equipment, you can also use terrain features such as bridges and trenches to make your units more concealed. Using these unique tactics, you can easily defeat your opponents with the help of Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game Mod.

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