Clever Cat Thief Escape Apk (MOD Features Premium)

Clever Cat Thief Escape is a new android app by game developer Clever Cat. It is a hidden object adventure game that is focused on cats and their abilities to slip, crawl and disappear. I have been waiting for this game since it was featured on an episode of Scrubs. I have to say that the game is quite different from other hidden object games but I will get to that soon.

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Clever Cat Thief Escape

You start the game as Clever Cat, a clever thief, who gets kidnapped by the boss of an auction. You are taken to his secret laboratory where he keeps you a prisoner inside a crystal box. You must use the crystal box to unlock the door and get out.

Here you have to find clues to help you escape, such as finding the secret passcode or deciphered letters to your phone to call home but before that, remember to save all your files on your pc so you can go back to them later.

Escape to sneak

To escape the palace unexpectedly, your only way is to use Clever Cat Thief Escape to sneak out through a window. The whole idea of this game is to find the lost treasure while avoiding all guards and cat-shaped obstacles along the way. It is a physics-based game, so you move objects by clicking on them.

Large Machine Gun

You will be faced with several obstacles as you make your way through the palace, including deadly traps which will trip you up if you are not careful enough. Some of these deadly obstacles include a flying trash truck that will drop huge crates at you, a large machine gun that is situated just above your head, and several sneaky electric traps.

Clever Cat Thief Escape Mod APK

In order to access all the areas of the game, you need to have access to Clever Cat Thief Escape mod APK. You can get access to the mod by downloading it from the Android Market. This application works flawlessly on all smartphones running Jellybean OS 4.3.4 or higher and can also be downloaded for free.

The features of the mod include: * A stealth mode that makes the whole experience very challenging and fun. * Unlimited levels with lots of achievements to achieve. * Online player versus player game.


Other than the challenges you will be facing in this exciting new mode, the mod has many other features that will keep you busy while enjoying your free time. The first of these is the daily challenge, which requires you to find all the objects within one day without letting any pass into the wrong box.

Hidden Easter Egg

The second feature is the hidden Easter egg hunt. Here, one will have to locate the small chicks which are hatching and hiding in one of the many eggs placed here. The third one is the hidden treasure hunt, which again involves you finding the treasure chest and getting the items inside therein.

Cat Mansion

Clever Cat Thief Escape has a lot in common with its sister Clever Cat Mansion. Both of them offer exciting challenges with hidden clues and rewards that keep you engaged in the long haul. The only difference is that Clever Cat Mansion requires you to complete all levels while Clever Cat Thief Escape offers its challenges throughout every level.

Hidden Clues

The hidden clues and Easter eggs are still present, but the rewards are much more exciting. For instance, every time you level up, you will get an item that can be used to open up one of the many secret rooms. These rooms have one of many items that make them very difficult to locate, making them a real attention-grabbing part of the game.


In order to enjoy your time playing on your PC, you will need to make sure you have the best spyware protection software installed on your computer. Spyware blockers such as Ad-Aware, Firefox, and Safariguard can protect your computer against malicious adware, spyware, Trojans, worms, and other threats.

When choosing software to install on your computer, look for one that includes comprehensive scanning and removal abilities and gives you the option to either delete or quarantine spyware that you find on your system.


In case you feel the need to play this particular game through your Memu Play system, it would be wise to purchase the premium version of the application so that you can get the most out of it. With the premium version, you will also receive free updates. This means that you get the latest in technology as well as a lot of features.

And if you happen to be playing the PC version of Clever Cat Thief Escape, you can look forward to the opportunity to download a free add-on that allows you to enjoy even more of what the game has to offer.


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