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The start of Clan N’s story features a young man, whom everybody must identify as Akuji. He once was wealthy, full of the powerful clan and former shinobi. One day, he discovered the secret of making the universe into a paradise. It has a very ideal equilibrium of three elements: knowledge, peace, and time. Everything is in order until a person changes the values that they believe in.

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The book starts when Akuji finds himself transformed into a sorcerer. This turns him into the Clan N’s most wanted man, and even the Clan N itself cannot stand him anymore and tries to take him away. But while seeking to capture him, Clan N discovers that its members have been defected by an evil sorceress named Khura. She uses her powers to make other disappear, including her lover, Akuji’s son, Uchiha Madara.

Book Starts

After finding out that she had killed her lover, she tries to gain access to the powerful knowledge of the three factors. This knowledge tells them that the current imbalance in the universe is due to the greed and selfishness of those who have been taken in by her evil scheme. They can change this by using their own methods and sacrificing a few. And thus, Clan N was formed. Every member is empowered by this knowledge of balancing the forces of good, evil, and knowledge.

Spiritual Imbalance

Now, we get to the meat of the story – what Clan N does to attaining spiritual imbalance. They save Uchiha Madara and his son from her clutches, but Uchiha decides to destroy peace. He orders his underlings to attack the headquarters of Clan N and wipe out everyone inside.

The brothers try their best to defend the castle, but with no weapons and no idea of fighting, they are easily defeated. Uchiha leaves, but not before telling the brothers that they will meet each other again in the next life.

Skilled Swordsman

In order to protect the rest of the world, the Uchiha clan sends their last member: Mabuni, a skilled swordsman, to protect the capital of Niijima city. Mabuni easily fights off the Clan N forces, then returns to Niijima castle.

There he finally finds out that Clan N has been destroying Niijima castle, so he gathers up all the forces he can and blows up the gate of the castle. Then he gathers up the other forces that he has and rides away on his bike. However, he cannot get far because he is stopped by the three wise men, Hiko, Takeda, and Okumura.

Battle Begins

As soon as the battle begins, Clan N makes a frontal assault on Niijima castle from three sides. Hiko appears from the top of the battle area and engages Mabuni. Takeda appears from the right and fights the samurai himself. Okumura appears from the left side and fights the forces of Clan N single-handedly.

After a very intense fight, the three forces are wiped out, and Mabuni is killed. Hiko realizes that it was Clan N that was preventing Niijima from attaining peace and that they must die if they want to bring peace to the world.

Hiko Transforms

After this, Hiko transforms into a dragon and defeats every one of Clan N’s forces on the four levels of the castle. He finally stops them at level three, where he is confronted by Okumura. Hiko uses his dragon powers to stun and restrain Okumura for enough time for the other forces of Clan N to surround and attack him.

This allows Hiko to kill Okumura with one strike to the stomach, though the samurai still flees the scene. Clan N then seals Hiko’s body away, locking him within the fortress.


Hiko is last seen attempting to destroy the remaining clan forces with his new sword, only for Daisaku to arrive and kill him instead. Daisaku is defeated, but not before Niijima learns of Hiko’s existence. The series ends with Daisaku sacrificing himself to seal Hiko within a dragon statue, restoring peace to the world once again.

The series ends with the four retired samurai, Daisaku, Okumura, Takeda, and Mabuni, traveling across Japan in search of the remaining five sisters, who were also sealed within the powerful akuji symbols.

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