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City Puzzle is a game that has been created by City Interactive. This is a multi-faceted puzzle game that uses the City View function in the Windows OS. It is similar to many of the flash games that you may have played in the past. City Puzzle is different because it also includes City View, which can be turned on and off. City Puzzle actually requires an Internet connection to work properly.

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City Puzzle

City Puzzle is one of those games that are made specifically for the iPad. It provides many different options of play. The main game mode allows you to choose from various puzzle boards such as black and white, hexagonal, and even tri-hexagonal. There are also other options for game play such as saving and sharing your game between all your iPads. The game can be played online or on your mobile phone as well. There are many different options when playing City Puzzle on your iPad.

Game Play Modes

City Puzzle has many different game play modes. You can select the game play type according to your personal preference. You can select the speed of the game so that you can easily move through the different stages of the game. In the City Puzzle Game you will also see options such as; help, score, and all time leader boards. It even has options for controlling your game score.

Text Effects

City Puzzle has two text effects. These text effects include; animated gifs, popup window, and option buttons. The animated gifs effect is available for all the screen savers, while the popup window has full screen effects. City Puzzle has options to turn off these text effects.

Full Screen Mode

City Puzzle has a full screen mode. There are options for playing City Puzzle with 3D effects, and full screen effects. All the different graphics and effects are provided by the City Puzzle games with or without 3D effects. City Puzzle includes options to turn off the 3D effects and full screen effects.

Certain Symbols

City Puzzle has several levels in the game. These levels include: beginner, advanced, and expert. City Puzzle has an option to go to the next level by tapping certain symbols. The full screen saver lets you to see the level on the iPad in the different sizes. In addition to the full screen saver, the iPad version has a ‘tap to play’ option, a ‘learn more’ option, and an option to turn on the audio and the text effects for the full version of the game.

Puzzle Addictive

City Puzzle is a great game for children. It uses innovative technology that makes City Puzzle addictive. City Puzzle provides amazing graphics and text effects that will amaze you. It has many advanced features that allow you to enjoy the game even more.

Engaging Storyline

The best part about the City Puzzle games are its engaging storyline and the cool & fun gaming options that are available with the iPad. If you have not yet bought this game, you should buy it right now. The graphics are amazing and the game itself is fun and addictive. City Puzzle can be played on the Internet. You can access the City Puzzle game easily from various websites.

City Puzzle Website

City Puzzle is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android-based phones. If you own an iPhone, you can download the City Puzzle free from the iTunes app. If you have an iPod Touch, you can use the free iBooks version to load City Puzzle. If you want to play the game through your browser, you can simply go to the City Puzzle website and download the City Puzzle game.

Group of Misfits

The main storyline of the game revolves around a group of misfits who must save the city after some sort of disaster. The game starts with you as the last person standing between the darkness and total darkness. The other players are all trying to destroy the final chunk of the city called the Wall. You must use your brain to defeat your opponents, while also using strategic thinking to outwit your opponents. City Puzzle contains numerous hidden object scenes that will make you enjoy the full game experience.

The Graphics

The graphics and effects include beautiful, colorful, and life-like icons that will bring about a sense of realism. The fullscreen view will allow you to enjoy the game’s stunning graphics at its best. The controls help you to maneuver the various objects in the game. The game also features full screen hints that will help you advance through the game faster.


City Puzzle is not just a game; it’s much more. The text effects include full animated texts that will help you enjoy the full game experience. The fullscreen icons present in the game will also help you get the full enjoyment out of City Puzzle. Other text effects include full background music that will enhance the entire experience. Some of the most interesting game concepts include hidden items and a special kind of mini-games.

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