Cinema 14 Thrilling Mystery Escape Apk (Mod Features Premium Unlocked)

Cinema 14 Thrilling Mystery Escape is a great movie and well worth the watch. It’s one of my favorite horror movies of all time, and it stars Michael Keaton as a famous writer and short story writer who gets his start in Hollywood1 by working on some movie screenplays before getting his break in films with such hits as Birdy ( 1967),

Striptease (rouse your suspicion about your mates…You know they aren’t going to come out and confess what they did in that film!) and Stagecoach (the best of the spaghetti westerns! ).

Cinema 14 Thrilling Mystery Escape

Cinema 14 Thrilling Mystery Escape is a thrilling psychological thriller that gives you every bit of the puzzle pieces to put together. You are just hours away from having the perfect date with your dream girl (or boys!).

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Then you get a call from her friend who tells you that she’s supposed to see you – alone. With a heavy heart, you go to the gate to pick her up. As you are waiting outside, two men approach you and ask for money to get into the concert hall.

Exposing Their Bodies

They ask if you can spare some change to help them inside. You struggle with the situation – where do you stand? They lead you to an alleyway where they take off their jackets, exposing their bodies.

One of them has a gun pointed at your head, threatening to kill you if you don’t give them the money. You struggle and you swear you won’t give them the money, but they quickly slip out of their coats and run off with your cash.

Gripping Sequences

One of the most gripping sequences in this film happens when the bad guy, played by David Strathairn, trips on his own “trampoline” and falls to the ground. This triggers a chain reaction of events that unfold in a series of scenes that are so suspenseful that I kept my eyes glued to the TV while the action played out.

The girl he was trying to get to the concert, played by Lisa Marie Presley, is waiting for him there as well. The two of them race across the street in a fit of laughter and then the movie cuts to black. Just like that, we were introduced to our main protagonist: Charlotte Lewis, the mystery girl from the bar.

Human Soul

So what did we learn from this short film? Firstly, it showed us that cinema can be more than entertainment. It is also about exploring the human soul – and by extension, exploring the relationships between people. It is through stories like Charlotte Lewis’ that we get to know ourselves a bit better.

Secondly, we also saw that the film industry needs to highlight more the human element of cinema. Even though The Pawnshop seemed to do this brilliantly, it was a rather shallow expression of all that is cinema. By including the audience in the process of creating the film – making it a social commentary as well – helps us appreciate that cinema isn’t all about spectacle. It can be about the people too.


Thirdly, we have seen that one of the most important things in the film is its marketing. By now we are all familiar with the existence of film review websites. These websites help expose new and budding filmmakers to the many aspects of the film industry. As they say, knowledge is power, and when it comes to films, one really has to know their stuff!


Finally, we saw that cinema is one of the few industries that doesn’t judge by dollars and cents. In other words, if a film is good, it will get produced no matter how much it costs.

That may sound a bit like free money to some – but if you look at the statistics, you’ll see that this is true. A film that goes straight to DVD is considered a commercial success more often than not. This says a lot about the film industry, which is really one of the reasons why we love watching movies in the first place.


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