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CarX Rally MOD APK is an addictive, touch-driven car racing game with awesome 3D graphics, smooth 2D physics, and addictive gameplay. Complete over a hundred missions with your favorite cars to upgrade, customize, and race them to win the championship!

CarX Rally MOD APK is the ultimate driving simulator on Android. It offers a professionally created, graphics-rich driving experience that is only possible through custom Android development. As always you will be able to join fellow drivers in real-life off-road rallies, or escape to the virtual world where you can drive almost anywhere on your Android device anywhere in the world.

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How CarX Rally MOD APK Works?

CarX Rally MOD APK (Car X Rally Mod) is the premium edition of an amazing car racing game. It contains total of 8 cars in CarX Rally MOD, which is actually a collection of 11 cars coming from other games. Now you can buy these cars, race, and show off your driving skills on the highways.

CarX Rally is an application that enhanced the user experience in driving games. It is one of CarX MOD Tools, which improve user experience in racing games by installing Car Mods and Vehicles. The latest version 3 is released based on open-source Android OS 4.0 API, which can install any Car Mods and Vehicle Modifications.

CarX Rally is a free car game that can be played on your mobile phone. A very great racing game for all ages, does require a surprisingly high amount of skill and experience to keep you competitive in the world of racing.

Initially, you’ll only have a manual transmission but eventually, get a super wide range of cars to choose from. The game features 10+ different tracks, and each track features an added bonus so even if you choose Tarmac or Dirt you will be rewarded.

CarX Rally MOD APK Features

One of the things that makes online car shopping a little lackluster is its tendency to be difficult. CarX Rally MOD APK helps you make the process a whole lot smoother by letting you review your vehicle’s details, buy it and then arrange to have it delivered right to your driveway.

For this reason, professionals who are competing in major races often use expensive top-of-the-line vehicles. However, if you’re something of a weekend racer, don’t feel like you’re excluded from enjoying motorsports. You can take your own car and make it fast enough to compete on the same level as professionals.

  1. – View and share cars in real-time
  2. – Receive instant notifications when new cars are added
  3. – Chat with other customers to help you make the right decision
  4. – Buy directly through CarX Rally MOD APK without having to rely on a third party seller
  5. – Request a quote and get instant feedback from dealers and buyers
  6. – Get instant notifications when your order is ready for delivery


So you’ve been playing with your stock Android ROM and thought it would be cool to install a car theme on your phone. But, you’re not really into cars, or even really into stock Android. Maybe you’re a hipster who likes all the new “designs” that come out, but you don’t want to get stuck with something that’s not up to snuff.

You need CarX Rally MOD APK. It’s an Android car theme that looks and behaves just like an OEM car software interface. You can choose from over 50 different styles, from BMW to Bentley to Lamborghini and more, and if you’re looking for something a little less flashy, you can get the plain vanilla look for free. Or if you want something more aggressive and futuristic, go for the carbon fiber or chrome look.


What is CarX Rally MOD APK?

CarX Rally is an android application that lets you find car dealerships near where you live. It also provides useful information like reviews and pricing, so that when it comes time to purchase your vehicle, all the details are right there at your fingertips.

How do I get my free car?

You need to be active in the game for 2 minutes to receive your free car. You can disable your current device but you cannot re-enable your device and play again. The first time you play on an active device, you will receive a message with a link to complete your signup process.

How many cars do I get?

You get 1 car per day of playing. If you don’t play for 3 days consecutively, you will not receive any cars for those 3 days. Any unused cards will remain in your account for as long as you are logged into the game and can be used at any time.

Can I purchase additional cars?

No, CarX Rally is not selling additional cars or special vehicles other than what you already have in your account.

How do I get all of my cars back if I log out?

All cars are locked out of your account until the next


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