Card Wars Kingdom Apk (Mod Features Latest Version)

Card Wars Kingdom apk is the newest release of the Card Wars game franchise. It allows you to battle other players online. The game is inspired by popular games like the “roid wars” series. You are supposed to use your imagination while playing the games and build your civilization from scratch using the cards provided.

Mod for Android

Card Wars Kingdom Mod apk is the first version of the mod for Android devices. It lets you build and deploy your own army and do various fighting tactics using the creatures you collect. Once the creatures are killed you can claim their valuable items. The mod provides you with manuals and tips to win the fights.

You can also collect hundreds of rare creatures along with the common ones in the battles and earn rare rewards. Card Wars Kingdom apk has many advantages. You get unlimited energy for deploying your creatures, you can train them to fight against stronger opponents, research new weapons and armor, and purchase new vehicles.

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Unlimited Money

You get unlimited money for buying the cards and you can even recruit other players to join your army. The most important advantage is that it helps you collect hundreds of rare and powerful creatures which are very powerful. You don’t need much to start your civilization from scratch.

Unlike the original Card Wars game card wars kingdom mod Apk doesn’t use any cheat engine or hack. It doesn’t even require you to install an unknown sources application. All it requires is a computer with an internet connection and an Android device. Just download the mod from the official website and enjoy playing the fun game on the mobile platform.

Build An Army

Some of the features include exciting game modes like attack and defense where you have to build an army and protect it from various attacks by the zombies, dungeon dwellers, and marauders or from any of the dragons. You also have classic game modes such as building a city, fortify and upgrading your capital.

If you want to upgrade your capital, you have to build towers and plow the ground for further resources. You also have endless waves of zombies to fight them off. You have to make sure that you build towers in order to defend them from the attack of the zombies.

Epic Cards

You will also get the opportunity to collect different types of artifacts along with rare and epic cards. Cards are collected by collecting energy points, which are gained through the use of towers and units. The more energy points you have collected, the faster you can build towers and units.

As you level up, you will be allowed to recruit different creatures into your army. This gives you a wider range of challenges and it is one way through which you can find your own strategies as you try to beat the clock and collect as many cards as possible.

Social Network

The Card Wars Kingdom mod apk is compatible with the popular Facebook game called The Social Network. You can see your friends list and all of their current friends and even their favorite characters as you play with them. The mod provides a great opportunity for all the Facebook players to play with their favorite characters and enjoy the fun of playing the game with them.

You will be able to see your friends’ growth as well as level up which makes the game more exciting. You can also earn unlimited money through the auction house and purchase different weapons and armor.


There are four game modes in the Card Wars Kingdom mod that enable you to choose which you prefer to play. You can either spend hours trying to conquer the entire kingdom or you can select the easiest ones. The latter will probably help you get a feel of the game and see how the game is played in a more detailed manner.

Some of these in-depth options include the tutorials which provide basic information about the game as well as strategies that enable gamers to build their own kingdom.


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