Car Master 3D Apk (Mod Features MONEY)

Car Master is a fun online physics-based car game. You could play this car game for free at the Car Master 3D page on Facebook. You could easily download Car Master 3D apk for Android from that page. If you’re thinking of downloading a car game on Facebook, you might as well try Car Master 3D apk.

One of the greatest features of Car Master 3D Mod Apk is the garage. If you don’t have enough money to fix your car in the garage, it will be very hard for you to do so. There are two garage functions available in the game. They are called Service and Garage Repair. These two functions can be selected in the car master 3D settings menu.

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Car Master 3D Apk

Garage function has many useful features like adding damaged parts, replacing spark plugs, oil changes, etc. If you love playing car games with a garage, then you would love the features of Car Master 3D Mod Apk. Other features include changing gear and tires and a lot more. All these features make this garage one of the most popular ones on Facebook.

The unlimited money feature of the Car Master 3D mod apk is really good. You could use this to buy extra parts, such as chassis, engines, etc. For better performance and durability, it is recommended that you purchase more of these parts. This feature is one of the main reasons why this software is so popular among all android users.

Useful Features

Car Master 3D mod apk also includes many useful features. It allows applications from javaScript to be used on the software. This is a great advantage for all users, as both types of applications are compatible with android devices. Moreover, this feature allows users to run any type of android application from any device, including PDA and cell phones.

The Car Master 3D mod apk features a wide range of tools for users to download. These tools allow users to edit the images and videos and even merge them into a single movie file.

You could even add sound and music to your videos with the help of this software. Car users will certainly love the video editing features of the Car Master 3D mod apk. Even the text chats feature allows you to add captions to the messages and even add pictures.

Unlimited Money

The best part about this car master 3D mod is that it has unlimited money. This is one of the main features of this application, as users will love the ability to earn unlimited money. You could choose to play these ads or earn them with the application.

Car Master 3D mod has been designed by a renowned development company and has received excellent reviews from users.

This gives a good indication of the features and tools provided by this particular software. You will also find out that this is easy to use and doesn’t require technical knowledge. With the unlimited money option, you will be able to make money on demand and without spending a penny. Moreover, you will also get to enjoy excellent car service.

GPS Navigation

Car Master 3D apk has the following key features: – Automobile GPS Navigation. – Real-time traffic information. – Automatic direction-finding. – Car alarm and tracking. – Android interface.

There are a number of car 3d mod apk available for free on Google Play. However, not all are as effective as the official version. Some freebies have limited features and might not be as user-friendly as the premium version. In case you are looking for an excellent auto mechanic game, you should look out for the full version of this amazing car 3D mod.

Car Master 3D mod apk has some simple features compared to its full version counterparts. As you download the car master 3d mod apk, you can get access to a number of helpful features.

Car Repair

Amongst them are the facility of tracking your saved games, car repair services, free tutorial, and a lot more. The tutorials are especially useful because they teach you the true art of fixing technical problems with the car in real-time.


If you want to become a top mechanic, you should make sure that you invest in the full version of this amazing garage management program.

It is guaranteed to improve your skills and allow you to earn loads of money. Even if you don’t have any mechanical skills, you can still make money by using the Auto Repair mode. You can use the mechanic toolkit to repair several car parts at once so that you save on time.


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