Camp Defense APK [September-2022] [Mod Features Latest Version]

What is Camp Defense APK

Camp Defense is an APK game in which you need to build & upgrade tower defense-style attacks against waves of enemies. As you play, you unlock new content, ranging from towers to enemy units.

Learn to defend yourself against the evil zombies. You play as John and Jane, who are trying to survive in this zombie apocalypse. Fight off waves of attacking zombies by building barricades with different materials you find around the campsite.

Once you build a barricade you can plant weapons on it like an uzi or shotgun, but be careful because those weapons have limited ammo. If a zombie gets past your barricade, you have to fight them off using your knife or pistol; they are slower than you so use that to your advantage.

This is a game that combines the elements of strategy and defense, where you will have to use all your tactical skills to beat different opponents. You are going to have to be very focused and defensive at all times because the attacks keep coming down on you and the enemies will do everything possible to get past the castle walls.

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How To Install

In order to install Camp Defense APK on your smartphone or tablet, you need to enable installation from unknown sources. This will make it possible for you to install applications from third-party sources. This is not a common practice, but luckily we provide detailed instruction on how to do this.

  • Click on the download button below.
  • Install it on your phone, if you have already downloaded it, then skip this step.

Camp Defense APK Features

The player has to defend himself against the enemies who want to kill him. You can choose between three different characters, so each one has its own special abilities. You can also upgrade their skills and get more weapons and equipment with which you can fight against the enemies more efficiently.

The graphics are quite good, but they are not comparable with those of high-quality games from big developers like Electronic Arts or Gameloft. However, the gameplay is still very fun and addictive!

  • – Skyblock map
  • – Survival maps
  • – Multiplayer mode with up to 4 players
  • – Many different weapons to use, from melee weapons to guns!
  • – A wide variety of zombies, each with their own unique abilities!
  • – A large selection of blocks and items to build your base on!

Camp Defense Mod APK Features

Machine Gun Turret: This turret shoots at everything that moves within its range of fire. It does not have any special abilities like slowing down enemies or stunning them but it can kill most enemies in just one hit so it is suitable for early stages where enemies are weak and fast moving ones like deer or rabbits will be killed before they reach the fence line if placed at an appropriate distance from the fence line (around 5 meters).

Sniper Turret: This turret has a long range and deals high damage per shot but it has slow rate of fire because it takes time to aim before firing at an enemy target so it works best against slow moving targets like bears.

  1. Awesome 3D graphics and animation
  2. Lots of different types of weapons
  3. Different types of monsters that you have to destroy
  4. Build turrets and other defensive structures
  5. Easy controls


Camp Defense is a multiplayer, real-time strategy game. It is a turn-based, tactical card game that has players assuming the role of a commander, leading their forces into battle against other players in the world. The game features several different factions to choose from and each faction has its own unique set of cards and abilities.

Players can choose to play as humans or aliens, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and strategies they can use on the battlefield. The game also allows players to create their own decks using any cards they have unlocked through play or by purchasing them with real money.


When did the Camp Defense APK come out?

The Camp Defense APK came out in October 2017 for Android devices. The game has been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play Store.

How many people play this game?

There are over 1 million players playing this game every day on their mobile device or computer. This makes it one of the most popular games in the world right now!

How much does it cost to download?

It’s free to download but there are in-app purchases available which you can pay for with real money if you want more features quickly or if you don’t have time to wait for resources to build up over time (this can take weeks). However, there are also ways around this such as using our hack tool below which will allow you to get unlimited resources instantly without having to spend any money at all!

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