Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod APK (MOD Features Unlimited Money/Gems)

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If you are new in this game then you might not know that Call of Mini Dinosaur Hunter has a number of modified versions. These versions can be obtained through downloads from the Android Market. However, for this you have to pay money.

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The Call of Mini Dinosaur Hunter

Some of these softwares are free but for those who are willing to pay, there are number of options available in the market which offer quality software at a very competitive price. The Call of Mini Dinosaur Hunter can be used to transform your personal computer into an Android-based mobile gaming device.

Call of Mini Dinosaur Hunter Mod

To use it you just need to download Call of Mini Dinosaur Hunter Mod from this site. The link for this download is below. To obtain Call of Mini Dinosaur Hunter hacked Android you have to wait for 15 seconds and once you will find a link which downloads the latest version of this program. After downloading you will get the latest version of Android operating system running on your gadget.

Popular zoo creatures

For those who are familiar with the popular children’s series dinosaur zoo, the Call of Mini Dinosaur Hunter is a stand alone version. This application includes the popular zoo creatures such as dinosaur eggs, dinosaurs, lizards and many other prehistoric animals.

Many dinosaurs

These lizards, however, are not the main attraction in this application. This is a mod for android devices which enables you to build, battle and collect as many dinosaurs as you want. You will also be able to use these weapons to fight off the prehistoric creatures that are inside the game. The fighting part of the game is fast paced and it is quite thrilling.


As soon as you begin playing the mod you will find that the game has many different challenges. As you play you can experience a cave man setting, the early 70s disco era or even the great depression. In addition to these different settings there are also different obstacles such as destroying structures, dinosaurs and enemy soldiers. Each level is full of excitement and you will be able to receive many noble medals after winning a level. These medals are earned by completing a mission or by playing certain amounts of missions.

Fight against the dinosaurs

The Call of Mini Dinosaur Hunter mod for android devices has been designed especially for touch screen controls. To play this game you have to find the various items within the game and use them to fight against the dinosaurs. Some of these items include the classic egg, dinosaur eggs, missiles and boomerangs. Some of these items also include ancient artifacts which will help you in your mission to conquer the different levels. After using an item you will be prompted by an audio notification which requires you to pick up an item from the screen.

Mod hack

You can purchase these gems through the Google Play Store. The Google Play app will give you a code which you can use to redeem the gems within the application. This Call of Mini Dinosaur Hunter mod hack will work on the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. However the official application for the iPhone and Android devices will only work with the software that has been approved by Apple. If you want to play the game on other devices such as tablets and smart phones then you will need a different hack.

Exciting features

One of the exciting features that this game has is the use of its dinosaurs. Each character of the game comes with a sword, shield and helmet which gives the player a different look. You can purchase these items from the gem store. Other than this, each character can also be used with its own unique weapons such as the battle axe, stone spear, double-bladed axe and the dual swords. The dinosaurs that you get in the game also have the ability to change color when they are hurt or injured.


There are a number of user reviews available for the Call of Mini Dino Hunter mod hack. Most of the reviews are positive and most of them mention that players find that it’s fun and challenging to play. There are also a few negative reviews where people voice their opinion about the controls of the game as they are difficult to control. However the modding community is quite active so most of these complaints will be addressed in the future updates of the game.

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