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Call of Duty Mobile is an online version of the popular first-person shooter game; Call of Duty. It allows the user to take on the role of a military soldier and fight against terrorists and other players from all around the globe. The player is allowed to customize his Call of Duty Mobile experience with various options such as setting the difficulty level and enabling or disabling the screen wipes during play.

The player can switch between the friendly and enemy sides as per convenience. This is one of the most advanced and the most thrilling free versions of Call of Duty available on the market today.

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Call of Duty Mobile

Advanced weaponry and tactical gear upgrade the Call of Duty Mobile mod apk download to give players a thrill never experienced before.

Players can now choose between two modes – Campaign and PvP mode. They can select their teams and pick their weapons from the gun collection available in the multiplayer stats menu. Some exciting additions include advanced technology that gives Call of Duty Mobile a high-tech multiplayer experience.

The Campaign Mode

The campaign mode of Call of Duty Mobile is set in the near future, where the Earth has been destroyed by terrorists and combat seems to be endless. In order to put an end to the violence, U.S. soldiers must fight and defeat enemy forces using new technologies and weapons invented just for this game.

Players need to arm themselves with new guns and gadgets such as the Ripper, the Javelin, and the Stinger. Each weapon gives the Call of Duty Mobile player distinct abilities allowing them to adapt to any kind of condition.

Multiplayer Modes

The two multiplayer modes of Call of Duty: Mobile feature the exciting battle royale mode, wherein you and your friends can pit your skills against each other to see who becomes the ultimate killer. The score difference is measured by the number of kills.

The other mode, which is called the survival mode, allows you to continue playing even if your team is wiped out, provided you have saved a few comrades who managed to get out of the area before the enemy soldiers start shelling the place.

Unique War

The Call of Duty Mobile game comes with five unique war games including Call of Duty: Big House, Call of Duty: Breakout, Call of Duty: Elite Forces, and Call of Duty: Invasion. Each game comes with its own set of challenges and rewards, such as extra cash, special units, and high-ranking medals.

Elite Forces

The Call of Duty: Elite Forces and Call of Duty: Invasion modes are included along with all the bonus maps and modes. A new feature introduced into the Call of Duty: Mobile games are customizable cards that you can design and print to use as you wish. This feature makes it possible for you to personalize your gear, including your character, so you can use them in future games and compete with other players on the Call of Duty Mobile platform.

Single Player Campaign

The multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: MOBILE includes the single-player campaign as well as the 100-person battle royale survival map. The single-player campaign puts players in control of an operation within the game’s campaign, which takes place in the game’s environment. In the single-player campaign, players can choose from several different classes, each with their own set of weapons and abilities.


These include the sharpshooter, flame thrower, and gunner, all of which have unique abilities that allow them to engage in one-on-one combat against waves of enemies or take cover behind barriers or vehicles to protect themselves from the scores of enemies streaming in.


The combat in Call of Duty Mobile is quite challenging and is achieved through a combination of strategic thinking and the use of gadgets and equipment such as flashlights, fraggers, and a military uniform to get through tough situations.

For example, one of the players on a Supply Base objective will have to plant a Flashlight on a metal wall, allowing teammates to insert a frag or plasma shot between the wall and the ceiling in order to clear a path for advancing troops.

Enemy Soldiers

Some players will need to defend their base against waves of enemy soldiers rushing towards it using powerful vehicles such as tanks and choppers. Other players will need to defend their position from being overrun by enemy soldiers as they make their way towards the objective using other resources, such as vehicle dropship crates or the vertical lift guns on top of the battleship.

Multiplayer Maps

In addition to the single-player campaign, Call of Duty Mobile boasts a number of multiplayer maps, including the popular Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer mode, and the all-new Call of Duty: Reflex mode. Each of these features its own unique set of challenges, with players earning credits through accomplishing each objective within a time limit while going head-to-head with computer-simulated opponents.


Online players can also take on the Grinder from the single-player campaign to see how well they do against expert gamers, or the enemy in head-to-head combat. Other multiplayer maps feature the return of popular favorites such as King of the Hill, Overgrown, and Overture.

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