Butchero Mod Apk (MOD Features God Mode)

Butchero is among the strangest, most exciting RPG games for Android phones, in which you get to experience lots of exciting things at a go. The game comes with lots of awesome features like frequent updates, powerful bosses, simple interface, powerful weapons, stunning graphics, and so many other great things. Butchero takes you on a wild goose chase across the land as you save the lovely princess from the clutches of the evil king. Butchero is an extremely challenging game as it has several levels including the very first level wherein you are a lowly pawn.

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Butchero Mod

Butchero was developed by Korean game developer Seoul-based Kim Tae-jong. It’s been going through some intense changes, including the rework of its story and gameplay mechanics. The new story revolves around a boy who falls in love with a princess. Butchero does away with the action adventure formula that we’ve come to know from Korean games and puts the hero into a fantasy world. The idea is not exactly a fantasy world, but it sure feels like it.

Beautiful princess

Butchero comes with an awesome action adventure hero concept where the hero must save the beautiful princess. In order to do so, the hero must defeat all the horrific enemies that menace the land. Unlike the usual RPG battles, in Butchero there is no preparation, as your hero will have to engage in combat on the spot. The enemies often vary between being mindless creatures, evil robots, evil soldiers, malevolent wizards, and more. The only way to win is by defeating the enemies and rescuing the lovely princess.

Hero evolution

Butchero comes with lots of exciting features, one of which is the exciting “hero evolution” system, where you get to choose from different classes – fighter, magician, thief, knight, and more. Each class brings along special skills and abilities, as well as a whole new set of quests, bosses, and enemies. This guarantees that you’ll never run out of new levels to tackle, and you can always find something new to do.

More health

Butchero also comes with its own unique in-game item, the Butchero mod. This mod increases the coolness of your character by giving it more health, defense, stamina, and intelligence. If you don’t have the Butchero mod installed, you won’t be able to use all those new features that the mod gives you. That’s why this game should be downloaded with Butcheroods, if you want to play it with Butcheroids.

Tower defense

Butcheroods is not your average tower defense game, though. In fact, Butcherood was actually designed to be played in the God Mode, which is not your ordinary battle strategy game, where your objective is to defend your base from waves of attacking creeps. In the God Mode, your objective is not to protect your base but to fight off the monsters that would attack it, as well as other players.

Classic RPG

Butcheroods is a unique blend of real-life tanking and classic RPG elements, and it makes for an interesting combination. When playing Butcherood, you’re not just defending your base but also playing the role of a strong and gruff hero in a fantasy role-playing video game. Butcheroods can level up faster than almost any other mob in the game, so even a new player who doesn’t want to invest a lot of time into the game will be able to level up in no time at all. They can ride on powerful, fearsome beasts like mammoths and dragons, and they can take on the role of formidable soldiers in the army.


Butcherood’s single player campaign is what sets it apart from other Rpg games. You can simply focus on farming for chests and equipping your units with weapons and armor. Butcherood is also one hit kill monster so you won’t have a hard time killing enemies that are a bit higher level than you. This is just one example of Butcherood’s unique abilities. If you’d like to see Butcherood in action for yourself, you can download the free Android version from Google Play.

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