Bully: Anniversary Edition Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

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The official Bully: Anniversary Edition has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. The graphics have also been updated and enhanced. Plus fixing and updating previous bugs as well. And, Bully Anniversary Edition Apk Unlimited Cash comes with native support for larger high-density screens.

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Bully Anniversary Edition

Bully: Anniversary Edition, like all Bully games before it, features new, improved graphics. This is especially noticeable in the new “cover” mode. In this mode Bully has finally realized that not everyone wants to look tough. With a new interface that makes it easy to play Bully without necessarily having to look tough or prouder. The old cover system, where you just held the mouse button and clicked on an icon would not display properly anymore due to higher resolution of the screen.

Diesel Gas Engine

The Anniversary Edition includes a whole slew of new content, too. Some of these are previously unseen mini-games, which were introduced in Bully: Anniversary Edition. These include “Diesel Gas Engine”, “Chariots of Fire”, “Dirt Bully”, and “Shanghai Drifting”. The mini-games themselves are entertaining enough on their own, but when played in groups of two or more players they can become quite frantic. And while the majority of the content is still similar, the new challenges and mini-games provide some freshness, as well.

Chronicles of Bully

Besides the mini-games, there are also a number of unlockables included in the Anniversary Edition. Which unlockables are included depends on the version of Bully you are playing. There are three available – one for the original game, one for the Bully: Anniversary Edition version, and one for the all new ” Chronicles of Bully: Veteran Edition” expansion pack.

Character attributes

For Bully: Anniversary Edition, there is the ability to use the mod edit to change various game aspects, including gameplay, character attributes, and weapons. Each time you load up the game (including starting a new game if you did not download the Anniversary Edition mod), you get to choose a new set of attributes, clothing, abilities, dialogue, and more. The mod edit also allows you to switch out certain unlockables as you see fit (such as the infamous “Puncher” unlockable).

Bully Anniversary Edition mod

On the other hand, the Bully: Anniversary Edition mod apk latest version of the game provides users with an all new level of interaction and humor. New achievements and awards further bring the game to new heights of hilarity. Some of these include: “Top salesman,” “Dogs,” “Smasher,” “Karate Guy,” “Bully on steroids,” and “Wet Nanny.” The list of achievements goes on.

Ppros and cons

What sets Bully: Anniversary Edition apart from similar games is that it offers players a chance to experience what it’s like to live the life of a Bully, complete with all the pros and cons of being a Bully. It’s not all bad, though. In fact, some of Bully’s best features are those that make you feel good about yourself, like the “Top salesman” achievement and the “Dogs” achievements.


These two achievements, along with a few others, help you overcome the negative aspects of Bully, making it all the better for you. On top of the two achievements, the mod has the best features yet: the authentic high resolution & night time mode, which gives Bully: Anniversary Edition its own style of dark, moody, & hilarious graphics.


If you love Bully: Anniversary Edition as much as I do, you will love Bully: Anniversary Edition because it packs all the best features that the original game didn’t have. It’s an incredible download for any fan of the Bully franchise, whether you loved Bully: World Tour or simply played it when it came out. If you want to experience the whole Bully experience, download Bully: Anniversary Edition for your android phone now! It’s the best version of Bully yet, and one of the best ways to take full advantage of the game’s classic mechanics.

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