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The mod apk for Bullet Stop 3D has been released for FREE for all mobile users. Now you can also enjoy this highly entertaining game without spending a single penny. You just need to download the Bullet Stop 3D apk and install it on your device.

Bullet Stop 3D

Bullet Stop is a shooting game based on a popular movie franchise of the same name. The game is played on your mobile phone and resembles similar to that of the TV series of the same title. Here the player has to make use of pistols and other shooting instruments to blast his enemies to bits.

The storyline of the game is futuristic and here the plot revolves around stopping a sinister organization that threatens the world. Various agents are sent to complete various assignments for which they have to shoot down various enemies using special weapons.

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The players have to save the Earth from the clutches of these unidentified attackers through various missions. These agents need to be trained and must learn to reload after each kill.

Various Weapons

There are various levels in this game. If the players advance further, they have to go through the advanced stages as well. The apk file of Bullet Stop 3D Mod Apk contains various weapons which can be acquired once the game has been started. They include submachine guns, machine pistols, shotguns, laser rifles, hand grenades etc.

The players are required to select the weapon which they feel will help them to shoot down their targets the best. They are then able to customize their weapons by changing the color of the paint as well as the brand. The players can even select the type of pellets or shells to use for their weapons.

The customization features of the Bullet Stop enable the players to select the appropriate accessories for their weapons. These include body armor, goggles, protective shields and so forth.

Player Needs

Bullet Stop 3D Mod Apk is a very thrilling game. The exciting part of the game comes when the player needs to select the perfect shot in order to destroy the enemies.

However, it is important that the player has to be accurate in his selection in order to hit the target. If the player misses the target, he will not be able to return back to the platform and continue the game as he was before the selected sequence of events took place.

The other interesting aspect about this exciting game is that the players are required to select the weapons which are similar to those used in real life. This helps to make the overall experience realistic and authentic. In addition, there are various levels in Bullet Stop 3D. The more difficult levels involve fewer bullets, thus requiring the player to use high precision weapons.


Bullet Stop 3D Mod Apk has been designed by Ankush Tewari who is an award winning software programmer and has a background in computer programming. He has also worked as an artist and web designer.

Bullet Stop 3D was originally developed for mobiles and the mobile game industry, before it was made available on the Internet. Tewari believes that the reason behind the success of this game lies in its simplicity, its attention grabbing theme and the level of interaction which is provided between players.

Players are required to select their weapons by selecting the screen option ‘APK Importance’. After the selection, the APK file needs to be imported. The file needs to be imported to the Android device in order to enable viewing of the game on the device.

Technical Issues

However, due to certain technical issues, some devices such as HTC Evo and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc are not supported due to their low memory size. This is the reason why the versions for Google Android and the iPhone are not available.

Bullet Stop 3D Mod Apk uses the Smart Shoot feature, where it is the player’s responsibility to select the target and the crosshair in order to hit it. When a player is successful in hitting the target, the crosshair will turn red and a sound effect will also be generated.

If a player misses the target, he will lose some points. The scoring is determined on a game basis, where the higher score one gets, the better his chances of winning the game. In case of a tie, the player with the highest score wins the game.


As far as the internet version is concerned, it is a highly interactive version as the various bullet points and other graphics are animated. The best part about this game is that it not only tests the player’s skills, but it also enhances his knowledge regarding handling of the guns.

So, if you are looking for a challenging game, which can enhance your mental aptitude for handling of weapons, this game is exactly what you are looking for.

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