Bubble Shooter Panda Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)


Bubble Shooter is one of the most downloaded and favorite games on Google Play. Its mixture of cute cartoon characters, interesting storyline, and exciting shooting action has made it a super hit among kids and adults alike.
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September 17, 2022
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Bubble Shooter is one of the most downloaded and favorite games on Google Play. Its mixture of cute cartoon characters, interesting storyline, and exciting shooting action has made it a super hit among kids and adults alike.

The Bubble Shooter mod actually adds some neat features that make playing the game more exciting. One such feature of this mod is the ” Bubble Shooter Panda” which is actually an updated version of the game. This one provides a lot of content apart from what the original Bubble Shooter had to offer.

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Bubble Shooter Panda Apk

The basic idea of this mod is to guide your character through various stages and earn stars on every level. It’s pretty much like a modern-day take on classic arcade games. The main goal of the game is to shoot enemies as well as balloons that appear on screen as you advance to the next level. The objective is to kill all the enemies without getting hit yourself.

Unlock New Weapons

As you progress through the levels, you unlock new weapons and different levels of balloons. There are a total of 9 stages in this mod. You can also collect rare items along the way. One of the best features of this mod is the mod tools. These tools enable the users to make videos and edit Bubble Shooter content. It is pretty much video editing software.


There are some pretty good features present in this mod. Features like a timer and leader board help in improving the overall game experience. There are special costumes available for users who like the bubble shooting games like the ones from Bubble World.

Bubble World on Facebook

If you happen to play Bubble World on Facebook, you would have seen a cute little boy dressed in blue who is shooting bubbles at the various animals in the background. In that game too, one has to shoot at the bubbles to get them to go one way or another. When it comes to this game, one needs to be quick as well as accurate.

Shooting Positions

When one plays Bubble Shooter Panda with friends, the two can switch positions to take up shooting positions. This will help you work out your timing. The bubble shooter has three types of shooting, each with its own unique sound. Some of them shoot in a circular motion while others shoot in a horizontal motion.

Vertical Fashion

However, this doesn’t mean that one can’t make use of them in a vertical fashion. You can switch between them easily. When one is not using the mod, the user can just switch to other views such as the first person view. There is a tutorial available that teaches the players how to use all the views. The mod is pretty easy to learn and once you master it, you would find yourself playing it regularly.

Exciting Mod

Bubble Shooter Panda is an exciting mod for all. This mod has features that are similar to other games like Team Fortress 2. However, it also has unique features like a healing & respawning system. It’s a great idea and one that I am sure that a lot of people will enjoy playing. It’s definitely worth a try.

Bubble Launchers

Another interesting aspect of this is that the bubble Launchers can also be used in hand-to-hand fighting. If a player is hit by the opponent, the shooter will open up and create a bubble that will surround the player. The aim of the player is to either pop the bubble and get out of the way or shoot the bubbles and avoid being hit.

Different Shooter

One thing worth noting about this bubble shooter is that it’s quite fun. I have played many different shooters over the years and I haven’t found any to be quite as challenging and entertaining as this one. The simplicity of the game makes it enjoyable to play. It’s definitely one of those games you will be able to get addicted to overtime. The graphics are nice as well.


If you have been looking for a good bubble shooting experience, you will definitely want to check out Bubble Shooter Panda. This is one of the best free bubble games available online. It’s easy to understand and has lots of exciting features you won’t find with other bubble game apps. It will give you hours of entertainment as you go on from one stage to another.


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