Brutal Street 2 Mod Apk (MOD Features unlimited money)

Brutal Street 2 APK (Atari Padlock Authentic) is more than an “average” video game. It’s a video game that will give you all of the nostalgia that you need. As a matter of fact, it may even make you feel young again. Brutal Street 2 APK isn’t just a simple game to lose like so many other outdated games out there. It also helps gamers relive all of the classic arcade strategy games that you’ve followed you through your whole growing up years.

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Brutal Street 2

You’ll be able to choose from several different game modes during your free time in Brutal Street 2 APK. These game modes each have their own specific benefits and special abilities that can help you in your mission to become the best Street fighter in the world. There are a total of eight game modes in Brutal Street 2 APK. Here are some of them:

Story mode

Story mode – This is the first mode you will enter when you start up Brutal Street 2 APK. In this mode, you will be controlling either one of the two fighters (either Chopper or Viper) and must find out who has been messing with his head in the streets. For this particular challenge, you will be playing as the human character.

You will also have to perform some tricky moves with some of the basic items you can find around the map. The story mode in Brutal Street 2 APK gives you a good taste of the game because of its short but interesting storyline.

Timed attack mode

timed attack mode – This is another of the two main modes available in Brutal Street 2 APK. This mode is basically a survival mode for the player who wants to see how he fares against waves of enemies thrown at him from every corner. This is a good mode to hone your fighting skills by going up against stronger opponents without getting bored while you level up your character.

Real opponents

This is a good mode to practice your fighting techniques against real opponents, to improve your tactical style and learn how to fight in all circumstances. This is a good mode to test your abilities as you attempt to complete each level of the game within a certain period of time. You can try using your tactical style against more difficult opponents, to see if you have learned how to survive and what moves to make when the odds are against you.

Cooperative mode

cooperative mode – Here, you will be playing as one of the two playable characters in Brutal Street 2. In this mode, you will help the other player (made of two in-game characters) by defending the pawns you have been given from being killed by enemy players. You can select different roles depending on who your partner is, and use your respective weapons and tactics against the other player.

Different characters

Your partners can also utilize their own roles, and play different characters in Brutal Street 2, which gives you a more engaging experience. These are some of the reasons why cooperative mode in Brutal Street 2 is one of its most enjoyable elements.

Two-sided gameplay

Two-sided gameplay – One of the things that made Brutal Street 2 one of the best online flash games was its intense two-sided gameplay. You have to defend the pawns against waves of the same enemy, who are also coming their way with the help of a few robots. You are also given a few minutes to escape from the relentless waves, before they kill you and your allies. The two-sided gameplay in this mode is just perfect for players who love to get into close combat with enemies, especially when they are more than a few tiles away from the player.

Online chat

Online chat – This feature in Brutal Street 2 is also another reason why it is considered as one of the best games to play on Android devices. With the ability to customize your character, as well as your chat background and voice style, players are given the power to actually design their game and play with co-op partners, while chatting with them in real-time.

Play with friends

In fact, the developers actually put in an option to be able to play with friends who have the Brutal Street 2 app installed on their smartphones. This feature gives players an opportunity to talk to each other in-game while they enjoy their favorite mode of playing.

Experience points

Full version of the game – The official Brutal Street 2 mobile application actually gives users the ability to play the full version of the game on their Android devices. You can actually have access to every level of the game, as well as have the chance to earn cash and other items through earning experience points.


The free version only allows players to access the first two levels. Players can also download the Brutal Street 2 mod icon and put it onto their phones to give them the chance to experience the fun that is has to offer with the Android version of the game. The mod icon also gives players the chance to have a sense of achievement once they complete the game.


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