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Brick Drop Breaker is an exciting and entertaining game online which you can easily play on your personal computer or laptop. The game mainly revolves around two characters: Brick and Stimpson. Brick is the main character of this game; he is actually a Brick farmer who loves to smash whatever and everything in sight in pursuit of his ultimate objective i.e. To make his wife happy.

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Brick Drop Breaker Apk

You start playing the game as Brick. He enters the house of his father and Mom while his father is away at work. The only thing that Brick has with him is his Brick Maker which acts like a controller for all the actions in the game. As Brick starts to smash every object in view, a series of events take place and you get further immersed into the game’s storyline.

Soon enough, you will witness the unlikely friendship forming between Brick and his cousin Stimpson as they continue their mission to destroy the evil forces threatening their home planet.


Although the storyline is interesting, the game itself is not very thrilling. This is primarily because of the fact that most of the characters in the game are not very memorable. Their design, skills, powers, strengths and weaknesses are basically the only reasons why players will enjoy this game.

Impressive Attributes

Brick, on the other hand, is actually quite the opposite. Although he possesses some impressive attributes such as speed and strength, he also has a number of flaws which prevents him from progressing further in the game. Brick is actually quite passive and does not engage in any action. Although he can destroy objects with his bare hands, he lacks the ability to do much in terms of strategy.

Opposite Of Brick

This is the exact opposite of Brick, who in fact, has a number of abilities and skills which will enable him to progress further in the game. One of these is the Brick Walls, which when positioned will turn each level into a giant puzzle. These walls will also prevent the player from entering certain areas. However, Brick is no match for the enemy, who will easily breeze through Brick’s fortress. Once the player gets all the way through Brick’s fortress, the game will then progress to the next level.

Enemies in Brick Drop Breaker

The enemies in Brick Drop Breaker are quite brutal, particularly the bosses. Some of them are armed with weapons such as chainsaws and rocket-propelled grenades. Others are highly trained agents which are equipped with weapons as well as gadgets that allow them to cause chaos and mayhem to the Brick players.

Brick, however, is not as vulnerable as the enemies. He is armed with a Brick Walls, which he can enter by stepping on a switch. However, the player must first wait for Brick to enter the fort before he can exit it.

30 Levels

Brick Drop Breaker features over 30 levels, which is great for those of you who want a challenge. It’s also recommended for those players who like to replay levels to achieve higher scores. You will also be able to use a Brick Generator to add some bonus points to your score. This can be done by collecting energy packs throughout the game.


Brick Drop Breaker is developed by Polar Motion, an Australian company known for its exciting arcade styled games. The game is very colorful and full of fun. If you love playing action-packed games that are filled with lots of high quality sound and graphics, then this is definitely one game that you will find enjoyable to play. Check out the official website for more information on where you can get the game for free.

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