Brain Puzzle, Girl Power Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

Brain Puzzle Girl is a fun and interactive puzzle game based on the smash-hit TV series of the same name. The brand spanking new free mobile version of the addictive game now lets you solve brain teasers by engaging your brain in an addictive multi-player game.

The new Brain Puzzle Girl Powerapk version of the original game gives you more of an experience than ever before. You will have fun with five exciting game modes, including the all-new Brain Quest mode!

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Brain Quest

Brain Quest: Brain Quest is a traditional-style puzzle game. In this game, you must activate a dot by touching it while keeping on tapping the screen. When you get a matching dot, a puzzle will appear and you just need to match all the dots in the puzzle to make it complete. The five categories are speed, color, shape, addition, subtraction. When you tap a color, the picture will rotate and show you how to match it with another color.

Brain Bowling

Brain Bowling: Brain Bowling is a bowling game where you pass three bowling pins without hitting any pins. It’s simple and fun. The game comes in two versions: Classic and Pro. The Classic version is the same as the original with the same icons and action elements. The Pro version gives you extra features such as unlimited multiplier and lock reset. There are four difficulty levels.

Brain Boost

Brain Boost: Brain Boost is an excellent and entertaining flash game that improves your thinking abilities. Your brain cells start getting active when you play this challenging brain teaser. You have to select either the light or dark box with light or dark squares across them. When you’re ready, press the square, and the brain activity level increases. You can also use the arrow keys to change the color of the squares.

Brain Race: Brain Race is another cool and adventurous platformer game where you compete with the five age-old kids. This time, you have to beat the time. This game has a lot of levels including the beginner and advanced modes.

Brain Training

Brain Training: This is an interactive e-book by Lisa Olson and is full of activities and games to help strengthen the brain. Brain Training is suitable for girls of all ages. It includes coloring sheets for kids, puzzles for kids, and brain teasers for kids.

Bubble Bag Shooters

Bubble Bag Shooters is a challenging and exciting game that’s perfect for all. It is a challenging, arcade shooting game that requires precision and timing to shoot bubbles. It’s an over fifty game and a very challenging game for all. There are various levels to the game and you increase your score by destroying enemies and balloons. The advanced levels are more difficult.

Brain Twist

Brain Twist is an exciting game where you direct light and sound to make shapes with the help of your fingers. You have to guide colors from an array of colors in order to form a picture. The images you form are different for each level. This is one of the few games where you can use both your eyes and hands to play. It’s suitable for all who love entertainment and creativity at their best.

Brain Age

Train Your Brain is a fun and challenging puzzle game. It’s for those who love entertainment and puzzles. In this game, you have to direct light and sound to form letters. To make anagrams, you need to click on the anagrams to rearrange them. It’s a challenging and addictive game for those who love entertainment and puzzles. It’s available for children aged four and five.

Cooking Games

Girls Gone Shopping is a shopping adventure game. It involves managing the inventory, purchasing items, and purchasing stamps. It’s suitable for girls aged eight and above. This is one of the best-selling games on Nintendo DSiWare.


Color Connect is a cute and relaxing puzzle game for girls. You have to put colors together to make a certain pattern by connecting red, blue, green, and yellow. It’s suitable for those who love playing with coloring books and are at ease with numbers.


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