Brain Love Story Brain Puzzle Mod APK (Mod Features No Ads)

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Brain Love Story is a unique puzzle game that helps you to make your brain exercise and improve your mental power. It improves your thinking process and helps you to think faster. The main character of this game is Brain, who always wants to play his favorite game, Brain Love Story.

He always dreams about playing the game but due to his responsibilities at home, he cannot do so. So he decides to go somewhere with his friends and play his favorite game such as Brain Quest.

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Brain Love Story Brain Puzzle Mod APK

It has lots of exciting features like brain games and trivia games that can make your brain work hard to find out the answers. There are many fun and exciting levels in this game. Brain Quest features an easy-to-understand interface and is very much popular among kids.

You can find lots of social networking features in it that allow you to connect with your friends easily through Facebook and Twitter. If you are an entertainer and want to know more about this great new version of Brain Quest, then read the below paragraphs.

Brain Love Story

Brain Love Story Brain Puzzle mod apk features amazing cartoon stories and amazingly cute and funny characters that will surely make your day brighter and easier. You can have lots of fun and entertainment while playing this amazing game. You can find several features in this unique game such as unlimited money, fast level unlocks, quick start-up, and lots more.

Unlimited money

Unlimited money: This feature makes the players happy and helps them in winning more fun points. In the game of Brain Love Story, when you buy the items of the girls you will also earn money as well. You can buy all the girls’ items one by one to save your time. You can also buy all the weapons and other items to increase your score.

Fast Level Unlock

Fast level unlocks: This feature is used to challenge the players and keep them interested. When you buy items in the beginning stages, you will be eligible for further advancement.

You can also earn bonus points after clearing all stages. When you play Brain Quest, you need to clear all levels to get the reward. The girls like playing Brain Quest as they are cute and funny. The best thing is that the girls can easily adjust to the difficulty of the game.

Quiz Game

Quiz game: The second part of the game gives the players another chance to learn about the story of the Brain Love Story. The quiz provides lots of information about the background and personality of the characters in the story. Each question in the quiz will lead you to another page.

On the next page, you will find answer choices which include a description of the character and some trivia about him/her. This will make it interesting as you will not get bored waiting for the result.

Brain Blast

Brain Blast: Another interesting feature of the game is the Brain Blast where you have to select an object in the picture. As soon as you click on it, the picture will change and it will look different. In this flash game, girls have to find the items of the opposite gender and match them with matching colors in the pictures.

For advanced levels, you can use the clues provided in the clues book at the bottom of the screen. Girls of all age groups can enjoy this flash game.


Brain Love Story has been designed keeping the preferences and needs of the girls in mind. It has a simple interface that is easy to understand. It is a puzzle game that provides variety and challenge to the players. Now you don’t have to play a game just to pass time, but can spend quality time with your girl and create amazing memories together. So what are you waiting for?

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