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Brain Imposter Teaser (Bitter vindictus) is an addictive, fun and challenging free brainteaser puzzle game on Google Play. It is the latest release of the award winning Brain Bot Game. Brain Imposter features an original storyline and many hidden hints & rewards. You are to find all the clues and crack the story within the time given. Different puzzles will challenge your cognitive thinking.

Brain Imposter Teaser

The story revolves around a cunning fox spirit who tries to take over the human world by unleashing a series of very tricky puzzles. You are to solve them and find out who the culprit really is. However, the mind of the fox is powerful and he will surely foil your efforts. If you really want to experience the thrill of solving brain imposter puzzles with your friends and family then you should definitely install Brain Imposter Teaser on your PC or laptop.

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Addictive Game

Brain Imposter is a simple yet addictive game that can be played with your friends and family. It has been designed for those who prefer solitaire gaming but also for those who wish to have a challenging brain exercise. The tricky guide shows you how to unlock the brain power of every android device from any device. This latest release of Brain Imposter also features the facility to play games in different genres.

App Features

The Brain Imposter Teaser app features the latest version of the popular Brain Bot technology. It has been upgraded to take full advantage of the various memory banks available on Android devices. The Brain Imposter Puzzles app uses the popular trivia game format and pugs to help you understand the logic behind the puzzle and the overall difficulty level. You will also learn about the various strategies that need to be implemented for a challenging game like Brain Imposter.

Free Version

As the free version of this program allows you to manage five puzzle images at a time, it does not come as a surprise that users find the number of images too many at first glance. However, you can easily manage all of them with ease by downloading the Brain Imposter Teaser installer file onto your PC or laptop.

Installing  Software

There is no complexity in installing this software and all that is required is that you make sure you have a modern operating system on your PC or laptop. Once you have downloaded the Brain Imposter Teaser installer file, you can access the app by clicking on the’start’ button that appears at the bottom right corner of your screen. You also have the option of selecting the type of game you want to play in the menu that is listed at the top of your screen.

Challenging Brain

To play the challenging Brain Imposter puzzles, you need to make sure you have downloaded the Brain Imposter Teaser installer file onto your desktop or laptop so that you can launch the program from there. This easy-to-use program will allow you to manage five images at once while saving them into folders in your desktop or laptop.

Android Device

You can change the images you have saved if you are tired of the same ones. The files can then be accessed from your android device where they will appear as images that can be dragged and dropped onto the main screen for full view. You also have the option of changing the colors that are used in the brain imposter teaser app on your mobile device such that you can personalize it to look more attractive.

Imposter Puzzles

The Brain Imposter Puzzles can be downloaded from the Google Android Store for free but there are also paid games that you can purchase to access the different brain teasers on this particular puzzle game website. The free version of the game provides a great opportunity for people to practice their skills in playing various brain teaser games on the internet.

Brain Teaser Games

This means that you can also hone up your ability to strategize in playing these brain teaser games by playing different versions on the Brain Imposter Teaser website. As you progress through playing the game, you will eventually encounter brain training puzzles that will be more difficult and will require more strategy to solve. It is therefore important that you equip yourself with sufficient skills to be able to overcome these challenges.

Teaser Website

The Brain Imposter Teaser website offers a lot of features that you can use to enhance your entertainment enjoyment while you are enjoying the fun puzzles on this website. Some of the features include the option of downloading the games for free and also unlimited viewing of the different games featured on the Brain Imposter Teaser site.


Other features that are available on the Brain Imposter Teaser website include the ability to share the images you have worked out using the app on your social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. You can also comment on the different puzzle that have been posted on the site. If you have questions, you can always ask one of the support team members through email and get any of your queries answered.

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