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Bowmasters is an amazing combat fitness game. In Bowmasters, you will go through a series of missions and levels, battling enemies and surviving the attacks of several enemies and allies on your way. Plus, you will also be required to survive in the hostile environment of the game. Where you will also come across several other enemies and dangerous creatures. All you need to do is kill all the enemies in your level and collect enough coins.

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This fascinating game is also famous for its exciting and varied gameplay. Here you can choose between a few interesting characters and build up their skills. Also, there are some interesting options which allow you to tweak or change some of the attributes of your characters. For example, some of the enemies in Bowmasters mod apk will freeze, get tired easily, while some others will stay alert even while you are near them. If you want some added excitement in the game, you can even make some of the characters stronger.

Combat Fitness

While the combat fitness exercises that you perform here will make you stronger, you can use these same techniques in the other modes as well. You can fight against waves of opponents in the duel mode, or simply take on one opponent at a time in the normal mode. In fact, you can find three modes in this game, allowing you to find out which one is more interesting for you.

Bowmasters Modifies

Bowmasters modifies the way you play the game with various modes and features. In the duel mode, you can use either your ranged or melee weapons against your enemies, while the arrow aiming skills are available for use against multiple enemies. The third mode uses only your arrow aim skills against the several flying enemies in the background. There are also other modes that allow you to adjust the targeting skills depending on the situation.

Bowsmasters Rewards

Bowsmasters rewards are not the only things that can be purchased. You can buy potions, arrows, and other equipment. Certain items are only available on certain Bowmasters bundles. For example, if you purchase the “Archery” bundle, then you get the “Prestige Bow”, which has a higher rate of fire and much higher damage output. You can also equip other characters with these items, so long as they have the corresponding skills.

New Bows

This popular strategy game gives its gamers the opportunity to purchase new bows and arrows, master their aiming skills, and purchase new weapons to fight off their enemies. The developers took note of the needs of gamers when it comes to playing this game. After all, most gamers would like to be able to level up fast, increase damage output, earn more rewards, and get more money in the game. So, they created Bowmasters mod apk.

Buy Items

Although, you can only buy items from the marketplace if you’re logged into an IOS device, you can still play the game and earn rewards even if you’re not connected to the internet. However, most IOS devices don’t support mod tools, so it would be impossible to download bowmasters mod apk for your bow or arrows. In case you’re using an iPhone or iPad, however, you can download the mod through the iTunes application. When you install it, you’ll notice two changes – your bowmasters will be added in the menu, and the arrow keys will work properly in game.


If you’re fond of playing defense games but are too afraid to fight tough opponents using your Bow, fear not. You can now enjoy the challenges presented by Bowmasters mod apk on your android mobile phone. You can test its new features on your iPhone or iPad and if you like its exciting game play, you can download it for free. Enjoy your freedom to choose the device which is suitable for you!

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