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Bounce and Collect is an addictive, casual yet relaxing free boy game. Bounce and Collect is a simple solitaire puzzle game. You must control the movement of a small child with smooth and precise movements of the mouse.

With smooth and accurate mouse movements, you can release the given small balls out of the given wooden board and earn extra points for your collection. Bounce and Collect features an animated three-dimensional board that is made of smooth and curved lines. Bounce and Collect features a smooth and responsive mouse, so it is easy to use and play.

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The Bounce and Collect

The Bounce and Collect Game have two modes, one with the regular gameplay where you collect points by releasing the balls and another where you are given 3D maps of every level, where you have to locate the hidden balls with the help of a hint button. With this new update, the Bounce and Collect Game has been redesigned and now features three-dimensional maps of every level.

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The maps are really amazing and offer a wonderful viewing experience as you enjoy the bounce house bouncing all over the place. For the first time ever in the Bounce and Collect Game, the game now comes with a leaderboard.

The Bounce and Collect leaderboard is divided into sections, where you get to see how far your kids can get when using the Bounce and Collect Machines, based on the performance chart released with the game.

Collect Machines

The Bounce and Collect leaderboard could make a very nice photo album, where your kids could take photos of themselves using the Bounce and Collect Machines. You could also unlock special photographs and videos from every level, as well as a description of each photograph. The photos and videos could make for some very nice mementos that you could later gift to your kids.

In Bounce and Collect, there are seven levels and you get to select one as your level and start the game from that point. In the first level, you are introduced to the character of Bounce and who has a green jumpsuit and a wand. He is looking for some mysterious liquid that has been filling up the bottom of the tank of the moonstone.

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Door Slams

When you go down the drain, a door slams shut behind you have to find a way to return to the starting point without triggering any alarms. There is a lever that has a coin attached to it, which you have to pull back so that it opens.

Once you pull the lever, a ball bounces out and bounces towards your child, who has to follow it all the way to the very bottom of the tank. On the second level, Bounce and Collect are presented with another type of puzzle. If you drop balls onto the little platforms dotted around the room, the platform will move up or down and a bouncing ball will land on it.

However, if you want to earn the maximum score, you have to drop the balls on a platform that moves up and down constantly. The first obstacle is around mushrooms, but you have to use the same strategy that you used on the round mushroom.

New Update

The new update is great fun for kids who love to bounce along and make things interesting. They are presented with new challenges every time they go down a level. There are four new levels including the previously existing two. The first two levels have been changed to include more of an actual bounce, which helps your child make things really jump off the floor.

Bounce and Collect now includes a third party. If you are playing with a child, this is something that he/she will really appreciate. There is also a second world where each child must collect all the capsules before the next level is accessed.

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The old-style level consists of only four capsules, while the new-style one adds an extra two capsules. On the second part, if a capsule is broken, it just has to be thrown again.

Bounce and Collect retain the old-style charm but introduce a new style. While this might not be what your kids want to hear, it might be just what they need. Regardless of what age group you are in, it is time to start a new game that has lots of value.

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