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Bomber is a simple but fun action/adventure game with unique features and fun arcade play. Try all the modes the game has and select the one which brings more fun to you. Never let an enemy get away from you. That is the only way to beat Bomber io Mod Apk. Apk

Bomber is a toughie, a fighter pilot. He is assigned to defend earth from a series of attacks by a race of robots bent on revenge. To do so he has to master a variety of weapons including the laser, bomb, and missiles. To get the highest score you should strive to complete all levels and earn the highest score on each level.

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Bomber ION  is not a long game. It takes just about five to six minutes to get through it. However, that short amount of time is enough for you to get used to the game and familiarize yourself with its features. This is what makes Bomber ION fun to play. Even a person who has little or no knowledge of playing games can get hooked after a few minutes of intense action.

Bomber IO Features

Bomber ION features excellent graphics for a mobile game. The game is colorful and has great picture quality. Some of the stages in Bomber ION Mod Apk are quite difficult. You will want to save your progress when you are just about to give up because the next stage will be tough. In addition, some of the stages have effects that really make them seem like they are threatening you.

Bomber ION is not just for kids. There are versions for those who enjoy the idea of killing as well. In fact, the game can be enjoyed by both young and old. What you kill will have meaning for the rest of your life. And if you have an adult son or daughter, you can kill them and have some sort of redemption at the end. Bomber ION is not a game that teaches anything but the obvious.

Three Languages

Bomber ION Mod Apk is available in three languages (English, Spanish, and German). If you don’t care about your language, then this game is not really worth playing. However, if you are going to play it, at least know how it works!

Bomber ION contains many achievements and secrets which you will unlock as you continue playing the game. These include ” Bomber ION” and “Ionic Bombardment.” These are the only two secrets that you will unlock while playing the game. There are no other objectives or goals in Bomber ION. You simply continue on making bombs and destroying targets.

Play Bomber ION

Bomber ION has all the features that anyone could want from an air battle game. It offers an exceptional score system, colorful graphics, and easy controls. All of these features together make Bomber ION one of the best games to download for your computer. Play Bomber ION today!

Bomber Mod Apk ION is available in two versions. The standard and “pro” versions. The standard version has the same basic gameplay. It simply involves making bombs and destroying targets. The pro version contains various additional features which make playing more enjoyable.

Unlimited Bombs

These features include the ability to change the color of the screen for more realism, unlimited bombs, various sounds, special effects, bonus games, leader boards, and achievements.

Bomber ION was developed by Popcap Games. This company is well known for creating the popular Settlers of Canaan, Sporkie, and Lemonade Tycoon games. In Bomber ION, Popcap has put in much more creativity and effort than usual. This is evident in the game’s an audio and video components.

Bomber ION Mod Apk features an interesting storyline. Throughout the game, you will get to fly through different stages, engage in dogfights against powerful jets, and shoot down enemy soldiers.

Climbing a Crane

Some of these stages are quite ridiculous, such as one in which you have to stop your plane from descending by climbing a crane and shooting it with a canon. Other levels are more action-oriented, featuring lots of dogfights and intense gun battles.


Bomber ION promises a lot of fun and enjoyment for those people who enjoy playing games that put a lot of fun into the process. You can’t really call this a “game” unless you want to call it a simulation. This is more of a game in which you control various variables, and use them to create different outcomes. If you like these types of games, then Bomber ION Mod Apk should prove very enjoyable for you.


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