Bloody Bastards Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

If you enjoy games with guns and killing, then Bloody Bastards is definitely for you! A fantastic flash game with an intense medieval theme, featuring guns, bullets, and an awesome combat system. Place powerful weapons in your hero’s hands and clash with numerous opponents, slowly earning more coins and improving your abilities.

The game can be played from start to finish, and it is possible to play with up to four players. You can also purchase additional game packs that provide new content, such as new heroes, levels, etc.

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Bloody Bastards

If you’ve enjoyed previous versions of Bloody Bastards, you’ll love this version. It features all the content from the previous versions but also has some fresh content too. For example, you now have a camera that helps you to take detailed shots of opponents.

Also, the battle arena is completely redesigned, offering better visual effects and improved game performance. Additional upgrades are available for all weapons, so prepare for another exciting session of bloodshed with Bloody Bastards.

Open Environment

If you’ve never played a fighting game, then you will probably find Bloody Bastards a refreshing change. The action takes place in a large, open environment with multiple stages, each one featuring progressively challenging stages as you fight your way through waves of increasingly difficult opponents.

As you progress through each stage, you’ll encounter increasing difficulties, and as you fight more difficult enemies, you’ll find yourself needing more advanced equipment to fight even more challenging fights.

Intuitive Control

Playing a fighting game involves using a simple yet intuitive control scheme. With the use of the arrows keys, you aim and fire at chosen points on the screen. Certain actions, such as aiming at an enemy or punching an opponent, will cause the screen to shake, creating a bit of tension as you anticipate the precise moment of impact.

Bastards Mod Apk

Weapons are acquired in the Bastards Mod Apk, which come in four tiers. The first tier only has two weapons – one for each of the four-player classes. These include the Stick, a smaller combat weapon; the Battleax, which can be wielded like a large, Two-handed ax; and the Chainsaw, a large, double-edged weapon perfect for dealing out quick, brutal damage to opponents.

The other weapons in this tier also have their own specific uses, so you should think about which ones you need for your fighting style before buying the other two tiers.

New Feature

Another new feature of the Bloody Bastards mod apk is the Medieval Times expansion pack, which improves on the combat system and allows players to fight in three-on-one duels. This is opposed to the simpler “one on one” fighting that is usual for most fighting games, where you can simply block attacks and use abilities at the right time.

Special Sword

In the medieval time portion of the game, you will be able to block, parry, block, riposte, or bash your opponent while using a special sword that is unlockable.

Additionally, this mod also adds new playable characters, such as Lord John Snow, who is a Scottish knight who is one of the more honorable characters in the game. He is well-known for his ability to wield large swords with great skill.

Multiplayer Battle

If you want a real medieval experience, then the Bloody Bastards mod also includes a multiplayer battle arena that allows you to pit your wits against fellow players who have chosen to fight in this single-player mode. There are four types of fights in this mode – versus humans, versus robots, versus dragons, and versus giants.

Incredible Thrill

You can engage in one of these fights at any time, and you do not have to wait for a specific period of time before the match begins – you can actually jump into the action while it is going on! This is an incredible thrill, as it means that you never have to miss out on your favorite Bloody Bastards moments just because you don’t have Internet access available.


If you like multiplayer games, but you prefer fighting games with actual swords and not bludgeoning things with them, then Bloody Bastards is the mod for you. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy sword-swinging, slashing, or thrusting because you are sure to find an engaging fighting game that features this great medieval fighting game.

No matter which hero you choose to play, you will have an array of fighting techniques to choose from. The Bloody Bastards mod for Warcraft 3 will provide you with hours of exciting sword fights, so you are sure to be entertained.


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