BLOOD AND GLORY APK (MOD Features Unlimited Money)


The Blood and Glory mod is a PC download game based on the movie of the same name. The story of the movie is about the ancient warlord Lord Vader who was the most wanted man in the whole world. He controlled entire regions of the galaxy and people came to know him as the most powerful person in the universe. In the movie, Vader’s ultimate strength is his strong sense of martial arts which made him the number one fighter in the whole universe. The movie also show the dark side of the character where he has cold blooded methods to gain victory over others.

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The story of the Blood and Glory game begins with you playing as one of Vader’s elite troops. The main storyline is about how Vader and his loyal troops wage constant war against their enemies. The story is very captivating and full of excitement. The graphics and the audio within the game provide a very thrilling experience. The Android screen resolution is just enough for a great game and you can enjoy a good playing time if the resolution is reduced to something like 400 pixels.

Story Line Revolves

The story line revolves around a group of special attacks. You get to choose some of these special attacks which can include stunning, beating, choking and stunning. These attacks can be executed randomly or can be performed with the help of an expert or a combination of these moves. These moves can be executed along with combo moves which helps you in executing multiple attacks and stunning your opponents.

Fighting System

The fighting system of BLOOD AND GLORY is not too difficult as some of the other games in the genre are. The interface is very simple and consists of a health bar, special moves and an attack button. The actual game play involves collecting blood cells which you need for performing the various attacks. The health bar replenishes every two minutes and the special moves can be executed once every five seconds. There are three difficulty levels in the game and the player needs to ensure that they are comfortable with the different levels before picking a difficulty level.

Mysteriously Transformed

The story revolves around a group of gladiators who get mysteriously transformed into powerful warriors after contracting the evil Darth Vader. As strong warriors, these gladiators join the war on the side of the Dark Lord and his quest to rule the galaxy. The mod takes the form of a fantasy role-playing where players have to make decisions that affect the development of the game’s plot and various characters. This is quite different from the traditional modding wherein the player controls the storyline and fights scenarios.

Hardcore Gamers

The fighting game has been received well by both casual gamers as well as hardcore gamers across the world. The developers took great care in adding various features that will make the game exciting and fun to play. The main feature is the amazing graphics that were added to the game with the use of the newest technology. The vivid graphics include the use of high definition video cameras along with real blood and gore effects. Users also have the option to enjoy a cinematic experience while playing with the Android devices.

Interesting Parts

Blood and gore has always been one of the most interesting parts of any story. The developers at Zynga made sure that this will never be a shortcoming in BLOOD AND GLORY. They spent a lot of time in recreating the gruesome nature of killing with their unique style of fighting. The fighting games have a very gritty and realistic storyline that will keep the players glued to the screen.


In case you are wondering about how the graphics look amazing on Android devices, then the answer is simply due to the amazing Android interface. The vivid colors as well as the excellent user interface have crafted an excellent gaming experience that will certainly thrill any gamer. All the best things about BLOOD AND GLORY: Gunfighter is that players do not need a smartphone for it, they can play the exciting action games directly on their PC using their own devices.

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