BlockPuz: Jigsaw Puzzles &Wood Block Puzzle Game APK (Mod Features Unlimited money)


Block Puzzle has become one of the most loved apps for android devices. Its unique & addicting game mechanics keep players hooked on their tables. Block Puzzle is fun, addictive & educational
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October 3, 2022
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Block Puzzle has become one of the most loved apps for android devices. Its unique & addicting game mechanics keep players hooked on their tables. Block Puzzle is fun, addictive & educational. It can be played on-screen by sliding its sparkling little blocks across empty space, or be used with Block Puzzle Pro, a mod for your Google Android phone which allows you to use the in-built Block Puzzle screensaver.

Block Puzzle Pro Features

Block Puzzle pro features: The Block Puzzle pro tweak of Block Puzzle (built-in by Google) includes many useful features which allow you to use it directly from your Android device. Features include Full-screen mode, animated backgrounds, random layout & pattern selection, keyboard controls & undo as well as merge & strip options. Here are some of the features you might find interesting and helpful.

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Slidey Block Puzzle

Slidey Block Puzzle. Slide your beautiful, colored, spinning blocks across the board. Block Puzzle pro features an advanced block puzzle gameplay mechanic. Here you have to line up matching pairs of colors & shapes on the board to make as many columns as possible.

This game is great for kids and experts alike because they will have loads of fun and learn important values such as patience and teamwork while playing this addictive game.


Block-slide-scroller. This new mod for android offers a fast-paced and addicting block puzzle gameplay. Slide your beautiful colored block puzzle over the smooth, scrolling background of your phone’s Android navigation bar. Block Slide is a simple but addictive Block Puzzle Game. The blocks slide down the screen seamlessly from right to left, stopping when they touch an edge.

Time Limits

Time Limits. Sliding timelines add a competitive edge to Block Puzzle Game. You & a friend can now battle it out for victory by blocking & destroying each other’s turn balls. Block Puzzle Time Limits feature various blocks with different time limits. This time limit feature provides variable gameplay based on players’ performance.

Unlimited Money

Unlimited Money. Block Puzzle Game features an endless amount of money. Unlimited Money mod features the unlimited amount of coins that you can buy to add to your bankroll. This unlimited money feature is great for players who like to spend time in the game and earning coins isn’t really important. This feature will also provide you with a nice challenge & keeps you hooked till the end.

Drag Backs

Drag Backs. In Block Puzzle Game you have to move your block puzzle piece to a new position by dragging it. Now you can easily move your block puzzle pieces using the drag option available on your Android device. This drag option is available both in the traditional style as well as in the modern touch screen versions of Block Puzzle Game.

Classic Gameplay

Classic Gameplay. Classic Block Puzzle Game is one of the most challenging & addictive games ever. It’s simple gameplay that doesn’t require too much thinking or complex calculation. It’s great for people of all ages & people of every age group including kids. That’s why this classic Block Puzzle Game is played by millions of people around the world every single day, every day.

Block Puzzle apk

You can easily download the mod for Block Puzzle Game from the internet. Block Puzzle apk is another way to enjoy your favorite game. Just install the Block Puzzle apk mod and you can start enjoying your game immediately. The Block Puzzle apk mod provides a number of exciting features. You can even use the Block Puzzle apk to protect your phone from spyware or malicious programs.

Block Puzzle Mod

Block Puzzle mod is free downloadable software. It’s safe to use and provides a number of amazing features to help you enjoy your Block Puzzle Game. In addition, you can use it to keep track of your levels, win awards & challenge your friends.

The Block Puzzle mod apk file comes with endless levels, exciting new themes, powerful cheat codes, block diagrams, and lots of other exciting features. You can easily get access to Block Puzzle Classic mod by downloading it directly from the internet.

Block Puzzle Classic Mod

Block Puzzle classic mod completely frees your creativity by providing new blocks and exciting sounds to the game. The Block Puzzle classic apk file allows you to enjoy your favorite block puzzle game with the sound effects and theme settings completely free. Block Puzzle apk comes complete with super cool graphics and amazing block shapes that will make you fall in love with it.


If you would like to unlock the full power of your Block Puzzle Game, then try using Block Puzzle Pro. Block Puzzle Pro allows you to use an unlimited number of cubes, change colors, remove duplicate blocks, and have an unlimited time limit. Try using Block Puzzle Pro and forget about the time limit because you will have tons of time to solve the level without any worries.

Block Puzzle Pro is absolutely free to download and it is compatible with all Google Play devices including Gmail, Android phones, and tablets.


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