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Block Puzzle has always been one of the most exciting and addictive games on Facebook. If you are a fan of Block Puzzle, then you must have played it many times already. In case you are not familiar with Block Puzzle, then allow me to explain it briefly here. Block Puzzle is a puzzle game on Facebook that involves various shapes while you try to clear all the squares by making use of the appropriate tools.

Block Puzzle Various shapes apk features. These shapes are colorful and come in various colors and shapes like Circle, Triangular, Square, Octagonal, Tile, etc. Different squares come with different shapes as they are being arranged and broken down. The different shapes help you to build up your tower and reach the goal.

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Block Puzzle Various shapes Apk

There are many levels available in this fun puzzle game. From beginner to advanced player, there are different levels to enjoy and challenge. If you like adventure, then this is the perfect game for you. The difficulty of this puzzle increases with every level. As you advance from a lower level, the puzzles become more challenging and the time required to clear them increases.

This puzzle is very easy and entertaining. It is also very safe. You can play this game with anyone, anywhere at anytime. You just need to have an Internet connection. However, it is recommended to have a computer with good graphics capability, Flash support and a stable server to play this game.

Construct a Tower

To play, first, choose the shape of the grid that you would like to build your tower on. Pick random shapes and place them randomly on the grid. Once you finish placing them, rotate the grid so that each block can move three ways horizontally and two ways vertically. For each horizontal and vertical direction, place one of your blocks on the upper position and one of the blocks in the lower position. For the last row, place three of your blocks in the top position and two in the bottom position. This is how you would construct a tower, with the help of this game.

Different Shapes

You may try using the keyboard keys to switch between the different shapes. Alternatively, you can also use the mouse to drag and drop the blocks. Once you complete the tower with all the required blocks, you will be rewarded with a score. The game is over once all the required pieces have been placed on the puzzle ground. The game can be saved to your computer or it can be played online.

Block Puzzle is a very simple and fun game that is perfect for all ages. It can be played alone or with friends. It can be played in a flash environment using the Java platform. You can easily pick up the puzzle piece and place it in an existing puzzle piece, by clicking on the same shape with the mouse. Block Puzzle is therefore a very simple puzzle game that is ideal for kids as well as adults.

Versions of Block Puzzle

There are other versions of Block Puzzle available. These include the adventure version, which has puzzles that have a quest theme to them. The classic version has you placing the different shaped blocks in a straight line. A fun variation on this game is the twist version. This version involves having to twist all the blocks to fit their destination. Whatever version of Block Puzzle you choose to play, you can be assured that you will find it fun to play, and you might even get addicted to it!

Square Shaped Icon

You can also try solving the game using the different shapes that the game presents. When you click on a square shaped icon, it will move you to the next shape. The icons shift in a zigzag motion, making it extremely difficult to anticipate their placement. However, if you can successfully solve the puzzle, you will find that this is a challenging puzzle and quite addictive too. Try playing the puzzle with friends who have knowledge of solving these puzzles, as this will make the game much more fun and entertaining.

Teach Children

Block Puzzle is one game that can be played repeatedly, and is also very easy to teach children to play. Once you master the basic game, you can try advanced levels of the game. However, if you do not feel that you are skilled enough to build muscle using this game, you can also play the easy level and enjoy the fun exercises while building up your muscles. Block Puzzle is a very good way to build up your upper body muscles and the result can be quite astounding.


There are many other games that can be used to help kids build their upper body and arm muscles. If they are taught how to rotate an object or how to push it around using their arms, they can get an excellent workout using the puzzle design as well. It is important to choose puzzles that are age appropriate so that they do not develop bad skills for other games. If you want to build muscles using Block Puzzle, you should learn how to solve the puzzle by using various techniques, such as the triangle and circle moves. As you become more advanced, you can start incorporating different shapes that can make the puzzle even more fun to complete.

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