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Block Fortress: Empires Mod is a game largely based on logic and strategy through simple blocks. The main character of the game is an adult human who must protect his castle from marauding armies of robots on his way to attack it. To defeat enemy robots, the gamer must strategically build his castle out of different colored blocks.

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Own castle

Building your own castle is simple enough as you can create them in three different styles such as rectangular, hexagonal, or circular. Different tools are also used to build the blocks such as chutes, stairs, ladders, carts, and other such tools that further increase the level of difficulty.

Mod features

Block Fortified: Empires Mod features sixteen levels of single-player action which have to be cleared before moving to the next level. Each level has different objectives and hazard placements and uses a whole new set of blocks that must be placed correctly to complete the mission. The first two levels are the easiest as there are few basic objects such as books, cards, coins, rocks, and telephones to correct your mistake.

Marauding armies

The objective of the game is to eliminate all the marauding armies which threaten to destroy your castle. There are two types of invaders you can encounter namely the Friendly Forces and the Enemy Forces. The friendly forces are comprised of mostly horses and balloons which act as shields and barriers for your castle. The enemy forces consist of tanks, bulldozers, aircraft, tanks, trucks, warships, and others.


There are also a variety of weapons used to fight the invaders. The objective is to eliminate them using either handheld or automatic weapons. The friendly force also makes use of cannons and machine guns. The enemy forces make use of handheld missiles and aircraft which cause heavy damage to your fortress.

You also have to learn about the defensive systems which are part of the game and use these effectively to protect your position from being taken by the invaders.

Empires features

Block Fortified: Empires feature a wide variety of building tools and structures to help you defend yourself. The two main categories include Block Building and Decorative Building.

Block Building allows you to use prefabricated block towers which you can then customize with various add-ons such as fireplaces, doors, windows, grills, walls, etc. Decorative Building allows you to place statues in strategic positions which you can later convert into functional buildings like watchtowers.

Defend yourself

Another way to help defend yourself is using Fortified buildings which include fortifications like stone towers, earthworks, and wooden buildings. Stone towers are basically just large stone piles placed in strategic locations to provide cover and deflect the enemy’s attacks.

Fortified buildings come in many sizes and varieties. Most come in single levels, but some multiplayer versions include multi-level fortifications

Environmental triggers

There are also defensive mechanisms that are triggered by environmental triggers. These are used mostly by players who use early-game defense mechanisms to build a strong defense early on in the game.

For example, a player may activate a machine that sends out sound waves which can scare away enemy animals or engage enemy soldiers. Sound is not the only defense mechanism that can be activated though; there are others that are purely environmental.

Buildings and defenses

Block Fortress: Empires is an entertaining strategy game. You’ll notice that while you start playing it, you start to develop your fortress and fortify it with various types of buildings and defenses. The game gets progressively more challenging as you advance through the levels and learn new strategies for playing the game.

Full-fledged city

While it does take some time before you can actually build a full-fledged city in the game, you do have plenty of building options available to you. You can create almost any type of structure you want in block form, including houses, farms, shops, etc. As you start up your construction, you will need a steady supply of building materials to keep your efforts going.

Block-based empire

Thankfully, most of these tools are obtainable during mid-game sales or promotions at most stores. It will be helpful for you to accumulate a large stock of such items. After a while, you’ll have a good supply of them, and then you’ll be able to focus on selling them at higher prices, making your block-based empire grow!

Building structures

Unlike other games where you’re limited to constructing only certain types of buildings and fortifications, in Block Fortress: Empires, you are given virtually limitless options when it comes to building structures. You can choose from several different materials which can be used to build almost every structure in the game, including houses, farms, shops, factories, bridges, towers, palaces, and even the infamous fortresses.

Gameplay experience

What makes this feature particularly enjoyable is that all these structures are available in four different categories: stone, wood, metal, and tile. It is therefore possible to tailor your gameplay experience to specific needs, ensuring that no two game sessions are ever exactly alike.


If you’ve never played this type of game before, it’s best to go online and read about the basics before you get started. In case you’ve already played block-building games, you’ll know what you’re in for and can prepare yourself for a fun and addictive experience.

But if you’re a newbie to online game design, you should probably skip on to the next genre instead. Playing Block Fortress: Empires right away will definitely put you in the mood for more exciting gaming!

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