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Block Fortress: Empiresmod is a block-based strategy game about building civilizations and defending them from waves of enemy creatures. The player must build an offensive base to defend the civilization from attacks by enemy civilizations. If the player has already worked for themselves sufficiently the strongest base available can be taken, the next strongest after that becoming available after some building work.

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Each civilization has special skills and weapons, and is led by a leader that grants new recruits when enough troops have been sent to reinforce their capital. Attacking units have a lower movement rate and are easily defeated if they cannot get past the defensive walls.

Different blocks

Block Fortress: Empires Mod is an action game where the player must build up different blocks and place them in strategic positions to attack other blocks on the screen. Each block has a set number of HP that can be depleted in one hit. There are four different planets in each game, each with different creatures that attack, gather resources and drop off objects that are collected. Different tiles have different movement values and collecting certain types of tile will trigger other actions.

Unique concept

Block Fortress: Empires Mod is similar to other action games with a unique concept. The player must defend their base against waves of enemy creatures while adding to it with new blocks each turn. This turns into a continuous action game as multiple levels can be reached and the player’s empire grows. There are many different planets to fight on, each with different creatures and structures.

Enemy forces

The game is played by selecting two different players with each team controlling one sector of the playing field. The objective is for each team to protect their sector from all enemy forces and to earn points by capturing the other team’s sectors. Points are earned when an attack hits, preventing the opponents from moving their units.


Blocks can be placed by using the mouse or keyboard arrow keys and once placed will remain until an opponent destroys them. Different levels require more elaborate defenses and include additional timed defenses that must be destroyed in a certain amount of time to continue.

Free version

Block Fortress: Empires is available in a free version and also in a Pro version. The free version allows limited abilities and strategies, but the ability to see the game in its most basic form is preserved. The same is true for the Pro version which allows more freedom in customizing the game.

Bonus missions

In addition, both versions include the main four missions and five bonus missions not present in the free version. The mod version includes additional features not present in the free version such as music, sounds, alternate color schemes, cheat codes, forums and tips.

Battle against

Block Fortress: Empires uses the Android platform as its primary operating system. It can be used on phones and tablets of various brands. The Android free version allows users to battle against their friends using their own accounts. It is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. Users can purchase the same for an additional fee.

Fortress playing identity

The game has several themes that make it easy for players to identify their block fortress playing identity. One of the options allows the user to change the appearance of their fortress in accordance to their mood. There are also different difficulty levels.

Block position

For example, the “normal” level requires the user to position their blocks in a straight line. On the other hand, the “pro” level makes the block placement more complicated requiring the player to carefully consider how best to arrange their block position in order to create a strong defense.


It is available for download free of charge and it is compatible with numerous devices such as smartphones and tablets of various brands. However, users need to have an Internet connection. It can be accessed through Wi-Fi or USB cable from one’s computer. Those who have recently purchased the iPad or iPhone can take advantage of Block Fortress: Empires as one of their modding tools. Those who are familiar with the game can enjoy the experience as the mod provides similar graphics and interface elements as the original game.

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