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Black Hole Hero is the mod for your mobile phone! It is a free mobile app for HTC Evo Shift and other HTC smartphones that can be used both on the go and off the go. The hero of Black Hole is waiting for you! Be ready to go to the amazing town of Black Hole, where you can do whatever you like,

especially while you freely explore its amazing city with your hero. Enjoy exploring the various areas, interacting with all the locals of the town, fighting crimes in the city and challenging the corrupted forces in epic fights, or just chill and find the town in all its own amazing ways.

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Black Hole Hero Apk

You must begin by downloading the Black Hole Hero apk to your phone, which will make the game available to you. After that, you can go to the google play store to install the application. The application will then prompt you to accept a network authorization code given by the developer. You need this so that the game can connect to your google account.

Challenges Presented

The whole point of Black Hole Hero is to take up the challenges presented by the hero, the open-world style mobster game, Black Hole. You have complete control over the character with its complete control interface. This is similar to Mafia Wars and Zynga’s popular Facebook game, but it allows you to take up the role of a mafia member,

challenge other players and fight other gangs in order to build up your mafia. You will earn cash, new weapons, and vehicles as you fight other crews and use them to attack others and take over their homes, eliminating every threat and strengthening your position within the game’s open world.

Bulletproof Vestigant

The hero is playable as either a mafioso, a bulletproof vestigial, a heavily-armored biker, or a robot with robotic abilities. There are different ways how you can develop your character, and the way in which you level up will differ depending on what type of character you start off as.

The more money you have to invest into your game (which is based on the number of credits you have collected throughout the game), the greater choice of upgrades and weapons you will be able to acquire. Some of the weapons included in the game include:

Comprehensive Mission

Other features include comprehensive mission setup, mission scoring, challenging replay mode, hidden objects, and plenty of opportunities to expand the game with new content. The black hole hero mod apk also comes with various free updates for free! For example, the ” expansions ” include two more multiplayer maps, a new boss fight against the mega boss ‘Gnarul’, and the fourth episode of the “assiduous story” campaign.

The story mode gives players the chance to see how the events of the multiplayer season unfold. This is done through cut scenes that show the players what’s happening with the main characters as they go about the game’s storyline.

Mafia Wars

The multiplayer part of Black Hole Hero is not much different than the other games in Mafia Wars. The same generic beats are used to create missions and tasks, and some of them are very similar to the others such as “kill X amount of enemies before Y happens”.

These missions always end with the player(s) receiving a reward. However, the difference is that their reward is significantly higher than those of the other games. For example, instead of getting a measly pistol as the reward for a simple mission, you get a fully-upgraded rocket launcher!

Game Mode

This mod also allows you to play an entirely different game mode called the Endless mode. In this mode, you’ll only be allowed to build one town at a time, instead of the unlimited towns offered by the multiplayer mod. The logic behind this is that the players will start out small and without much power.

Power Growth

Eventually, they’ll be able to afford more town squares, which opens up the scope for endless power growth. Keep in mind though that this mod is not for people who are new to the Mafia game, since it introduces quite a complex setup that many people aren’t comfortable with at first.

If you think you’d be better off with something simpler, then look for the full version of Black Hole Hero, which has an easier interface and uses the actual Mafia Wars logic engine.


Overall, Black Hole Hero is a great mod that adds a lot of spice to the game, especially if you enjoy building multiple homes. I especially like the way that the character development works since each character is completely customizable. You can build the cyborg units, outfit them with weapons, and upgrade them over the course of several levels. If you haven’t played Mafia Wars, definitely give Black Hole Hero a shot!

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