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Bitter End is a relatively new slang term denoting an extremely bitter tasting beverage, usually wine or beer. The term came about because the British began referring to beers and cider with a very specific meaning. As an example, tea was known as “tea clock” while cider was “cider”.

As the British began to refer to their wares as “bitter” this term slowly began to lose favor across the pond. However, it has recently been gaining in popularity as many people are catching on to the new flavor of the industry.

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Bitter End themed

The term has only recently begun to gain traction on the Android platform but that doesn’t mean it’s not as popular as you might think. In fact, Bitter End has become so popular, in such a short period of time, that there is now an official android mod for it! Bitter End mod is a program developed to allow users of the popular free Android app, Vibrant Android, to convert their Google Android app into a Bitter End themed custom Google Play app. Users can do this simply by downloading and installing Bitter End apk file.

Themed effects

This mod actually comes in addition to the “mod pack” introduced by Vibrant Android, which includes an assortment of unique themed effects and sound packs. With Bitter End, users get access to a variety of different Bitter End themed items including an unlockable character, the Bitter End avatar, a selection of Bitter End weapons, the Bitter End scatter cartridge, and the classic scatter shot.

Multiplayer mode

The mod also comes with an additional multiplayer mode, allowing two players to team up and play each other in a head-to-head shooting scenario using one of two multiplayer settings: split-screen or Free Match.

Stunning graphics

A major reason why Bitter End is so popular is its stunning graphics. The art style is inspired by retro shoot ’em up games of the past, and looks great in both landscape and portrait modes. In fact, some of the weapons used in the game look so realistic that you may think you were really in a war zone!

Amazing assortment

And the Bitter End arcade itself is nothing short of impressive, featuring fast paced action, killer bosses, crazy tracks, and an amazing assortment of weapons, all of which give players an explosive gaming experience. In fact, it’s so exciting that some players around the world have played Bitter End for hours on end.

Unique blend

But Bitter End is not your typical shooting game. Rather, it offers a unique blend of first-person shooting, real-life physics, and gameplay. The game starts with a cold open setting, where the narration explains that during a certain period of time, a peace officer called Sam Bitterman was called out to investigate a series of strange murders.

Sam Bitterman

Upon arriving on the scene, Sam Bitterman found himself face to face with a blood thirsty killer who was hell bent on eliminating anyone who gets close to him. Bitter End is all about overcoming death and achieving an endless potential, and the game progresses through each level by introducing new weapons, levels, and enemies as you continue to fight.


As you progress through each level, you’ll find yourself unlocking new abilities, as well as new weapons and gadgets that can aid you in your quest to kill more enemies and achieve more goals.

First-person shooter

Although Bitter End is very much a first-person shooter, the game definitely feels more like a traditional side-scrolling platformer. Although the first-person perspective does work well to create an immersive and thrilling gameplay experience, it does have a tendency to make the player look around too much, causing unnecessary visual clutter.

Intense gameplay

However, Bitter End’s stunning graphics and intense gameplay manages to make up for this little bit, as it makes up for it in a big way. The reason why Bitter End is able to maintain a first-person perspective while at the same time providing stunning visuals is because of the game’s well designed gun physics system.


Each weapon in Bitter End is equipped with a unique set of abilities and capabilities, and these are also upgradable. As you earn money through kills and completing missions, you can invest it into unlocking more powerful weapons as well as gear that will make you feel more powerful.

Money to spend

With more money to spend, you can purchase special items such as rocket boots to launch yourself further into the air, increase your deflectiveness, and increase your health. There are also a huge variety of different enemies in Bitter End, and each one is incredibly difficult to defeat on your own, requiring teamwork to best.

Variety of power

There are also a variety of power ups available to help you on your journey towards unlocking your enemies’ infinite capabilities. These power ups will temporarily freeze opponents, allowing you to target them with your guns and take out their brains for easy domination.

Gaming Styles

Bitter End takes into consideration a large array of gaming styles. For instance, if you enjoy playing first-person shooters, you’ll love Bitter End. The unique first-person perspective will enable you to feel like you are part of the action, shooting down waves of enemies while slowly advancing into the fray.


Although the overall concept may look strange to some, the reality is that this game is probably much more intense than you would think. With its stunning graphics and sound effects, and its chaotic gameplay, Bitter End is sure to be one of the most exciting and fun apps to come out this summer. All Android fans should check out Bitter End.

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