Bitcoin Blast Earn REAL Bitcoin Apk (Mod Features Easy Wins)

For many users who have just recently experienced the exhilaration of acquiring the latest version of the Android operating system, they may be curious about the new upgrade for the Bitcoin software wallet called ” Bitcoin Blast.” Will it be as good as the old version?

Can it compete with the upgrades provided by the other major smartphone operating systems? And how does it stack up against the newly minted Dash prepaid debit card and PayPal debit card?

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Two Versions

I’ll give you three thoughts on this. First, let’s look at the differences between the two versions. The old version had limited features, and was slow on startup and overall. While you can say that it’s been updated since then, that doesn’t mean that it’s any faster. On the other hand, the new version is super fast. It loads quickly, responds to user inputs fast, has a very attractive interface, and also provides various additional features.

Old Version

Secondly, let’s take a look at the upgrade from the old version to the new one. The upgrade includes Dash, which is the most innovative mobile payment solution available today. Dash has an extremely intuitive user interface and allows for a very simple interface to make transactions.

Plus, it offers free merchant services that include round-the-clock customer support and a robust and easy-to-use electronic exchange application that works with major banks. Lastly, Dash is the only mobile transaction service that lets you set up spending limits, as well as automatically cash out your earnings at your specified time intervals.

Demo Account

The third thing we’ll take a look at is the new feature that lets you sign up for a free demo account that enables you to make actual transactions using real money. This is not a feature found in the latest BAM and Lite wallets but is available in the most up-to-date software build. This is an extremely useful feature and is actually a crucial part of the upgrade. Without this feature, there would be no way to spend real money on the network. Fortunately, it is a built-in feature of all the latest versions.

Exciting Feature

The fourth upgrade is probably the most exciting feature. It is called Lightning Bid. With this feature, users can enter into pre-arranged transactions with other users at lightning-fast speeds. This is much faster than the average transaction speed of ten minutes per block. So, if ten minutes is too slow for you when you are just getting started, this feature is definitely worth getting.

Lite Version

Let’s move on to the last feature that is new in the new BAM and Lite version of the Bitcoin software. With the new version, all unspent outputs are stored on the pool. This makes it extremely simple to find unspent outputs and reclaim your genuine bitcoins. Just like in the old version, you only have to watch for unspent outputs that could be later spent by you.

It’s all about matching the number of genuine bitcoins with the right unspent output. However, with this feature, you don’t need to wait for ten minutes for a block anymore, and you don’t have to worry about running out of genuine bitcoins any longer.

BAM Software

So, if you are still using the old version, I highly recommend you upgrade to the new BAM software right away. You will see many advantages and benefits of the new system. For example, with the new BAM, you can make unlimited transactions for free. When you were using the old system, you had to pay fees to third parties to transact. With BAM, you are able to make unlimited transactions for free.


Also, if you have ever suffered from spam on your old version, then you know how frustrating it is. With the new BAM, you can easily evade unwanted spam by selecting mail on the menu. With the upgrade, you don’t have to worry anymore about running out of bitcoins and spending huge amounts of money on unspent outputs.


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