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The Bike Stunt 3-Stunt Legends is a great video game that will keep players entertained for many hours. Some of the features include the ability to use the camera
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The Bike Stunt 3-Stunt Legends is a great video game that will keep players entertained for many hours. Some of the features include the ability to use the camera to take videos and photographs while you are riding your motorcycle, and you can also change the graphics depending on what you need for that day.

You can also connect with others who are into the stunt driving games so that you can race against them and show off your best stunts. This is one of the most advanced systems for stunt racing on the PSP.

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Bike Stunt 3 Stunt Legends

The graphics and special effects are very realistic. In fact, some of the shots look like they have been taken from actual video camera experiences. Of course, you cannot do this at real tracks, but it can be done using cameras of the same quality as these.Bike Stunt 3 Stunt Legends Apk

One of the best parts of this game is that you have the option to work with multiple partners to increase your chances of getting those high scores. There are also leader boards so that you can see at a glance how well you are doing. If you are playing with a group of people, each person can give their own score so that there are no surprises.

Backward Motion

The controls for this game are simple. You get a handlebar and a throttle that moves the bike in a basic forward and backward motion. This is done by pushing down on the accelerator and pushing forward on the brake.

There are some hills that are easier than others so you will need to practice more to get comfortable with using the course. Once you get used to it, however, you should have no trouble getting around the course.

Story Mode

The game has several modes including the Story mode which focuses on real-life racing events. You can play against the computer or another player in head-to-head competitions. Another mode is the Endless Stunt mode where you go through a course without touching the walls or other parts.Bike Stunt 3 Stunt Legends Apk Free Download

There are also challenges within the courses such as raising a particular number of balloons while going downhill or stopping at certain points. There are also other challenges such as making it through a tunnel under snow or flying across gaps between obstacles.

The Graphics

The graphics in Bike Stunt 3 Mod Apk Stunt are impressive for a mobile game. The character models look lifelike with many of them wearing actual street clothes from the year they are from. The course itself looks good enough to be played in the real world.

The physics engine allows you to get off the bike and walk around the tracks as if you were riding a real bike. Other than that, the game also replicates the feeling of being on a professional race track.

Trial Version

Bike Stunt 3 Stunt Legends Apk comes with two challenges, a time trial version, and the full version. You can choose to try the full version or play against the computer. You can compete against the other players online or against the computer in split-screen online racing. The time trial version is split into ten courses and you have to complete all of them within the time limit.Bike Stunt 3 Stunt Legends Download Mod Apk

Group of Cars

The challenges in this game require you to do certain things such as weave through a group of cars without hitting any of them so you end up in first place. The time trial version only requires you to do two laps whereas the full version has various challenges including a dirt oval track and various twists and turns to handle.

The game will let you select the type of bike you want to use so you can choose to use a bike of your own design. The courses come in all different sizes and are designed to be fun, exciting, and challenging.


If you are looking for a cool new bike stunt game, then definitely try Bike Stunt 3 Mod Apk. It’s a great idea for kids because it’s educational as well as lots of fun. They’ll have loads of fun with it will keep them busy for quite some time. So what are you waiting for? Play this game right now!



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