Bestie Breakup Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

Bestie Breakup is a viral arcade game on the Android Market. This game requires the usage of a credit card. This program has many age requirements, the recommended age being over 16 years. On a ten-point rating scale, this app received a rating of five stars, a score of thirteen people rated it.

The story behind the game centers around two lovers, who, after not receiving each other’s phone numbers in a month of correspondence, decided to reunite.

Bestie Breakup Apk

In order to play the game, you need to download Bestie Breakup Mod Apk from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you have to open the game, and click on the “Missions” tab. Select “EVA”, and the game will guide you through the rest of the steps.

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To continue, you must accept the terms of service, then follow the onscreen prompts. You can control the characters of Bestie Breakup by clicking on various buttons that are on the screen. You can also view the statistics of the characters you control through the “eches”.

Monthly Fee

Bestie Breakup Mod Apk is free and does not require any monthly fee. You can use the Bestie Breakup mod apk on the Google Android Market. The mod is supported on the latest version of android phones running on Jellybean and higher.

Users can also update the latest version of this game by installing the Bestie Breakup APK. Users are able to change their characters through the settings of Bestie Breakup, changing their hairstyles, skin colors, and body types.

The Bestie Breakup APK is downloadable from the Google Android Store and it costs nothing. There are two ways to play Bestie Breakup. The first way to download Bestie Breakup is to search for it in the Google Play Store and search for “bestie breakup” or “breakup”.

Paid Version

It will take you to the Google Play Store. You can download either the free version or the paid version. Users can choose the free version of the Bestie Breakup Mod Apk game if they have a good connection to the internet.

You can view the statistics about the girls you are dating in the statistics section. They give you advice on how to improve your relationships with girls. Girls prefer roses, bags, and other gifts that are given by guys on Valentine’s Day.

You have to choose gifts wisely. You have to think about the feelings of the girl, if she loves practical gifts, if she loves handbags then you should buy her handbags, if she loves roses then buy her roses and if she likes watches then buy her a watch.

Before The Breakup

You have to buy the Bestie Breakup anytime before the breakup. You have to do it before the breakup or it will not work and you will not be able to finish all the tasks you are going to do before the breakup. The Bestie Breakup android app has many features, you can use advanced features such as voice recording, and also you can use the advanced feature “create and send video”.

The Voice Recording will help you to make the recording from your own voice, it will give you confidence and you will know what things you should say before you go for the Bestie Breakup Mod Apk. The Advanced Part will help you to create an unlimited number of profiles with different colors so that you can select the best color for the girl who is really in love with you and will be able to attract many people with this.

Different Colors

The Bestie Breakup android app gives you the best tips to get the Bestie Breakup mod; it gives you tips on what is the problem why you broke up, what are the problems that are left, and what are things you should do before you continue.

This Bestie Breakup app is also helping you to solve the problems like; what should you text your girl before you break up, what should you do when you are bored and what should you do after the breakup. This android app will also help you to create an unlimited number of profiles with different colors so that you can select the best color for the girl who is really in love with you.

The Bestie Breakup Mod Apk is giving you all these tips at an affordable price. The Bestie Breakup is giving you the Best Breakup Mod at an extremely discounted rate.


To get Bestie Breakup Apk to download it from the links given below. It will help you to get the Bestbreakup apk and you will not have to pay any money to get it. If you are looking for a Bestie Breakup Apk download then visit the links given below.

These Bestie Breakup Apks are the latest android applications from the makers of best communication tools that have been designed by renowned developers in order to solve the problems faced by the users regarding their relationships.


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