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The official sequel to Super Boss Z, Beat the Boss 3 continues where the first game left off. The main storyline and challenges from before are still present but it looks like we might be seeing more twists and turns by the minute. As you fight through levels all filled with mini-games and brain teasers just as in the original version, you earn stars and level up before finally facing the Boss. His attacks vary according to every stage but can be as easy as a few light touch motions or as challenging as a combo system.

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Beat the Boss 3

How To Play The basic game is as you were, however everything changes when you access the fourth level. You now have more freedom in choosing your moves and weapons. These weapons and moves can be custom made from the device Android’s built in browser. If you want to make your life a little more challenging, then you can also modify your character’s physical attributes. Just like in the first beat the boss game, you have four characters; Blue, Green, Pink and Grey.

Weapons, abilities

Weapons, abilities, power ups and weapons are customizable in this version too. The more you improve them, the more powerful you become and the higher their speed, range and durability. Different bosses will have a variety of attacks and special moves so you have plenty of opportunities to learn and practice new techniques.

The original game was quite challenging and very time consuming so you don’t have to go that extra mile to get through each level. However, if you still think you can handle the real life challenges, you can always unlock some powerful abilities for you to master.

Real life challenges

The game features excellent, high definition graphics and animation. It runs smoothly and sound effects are crisp. The original game featured the original boss battles. However, the latest beat em up game features a wide variety of boss battles, each with its own theme and style of play. You will have tons of opportunities to make uses of customizations and modifications.

Destroy your enemies

You will find a huge collection of weapons to destroy your enemies as well as vehicles to aid you in your battle. There are also a variety of vehicles you can use to get around the levels and helicopters to attack your targets. You can shoot and drop bombs to devastation, although these attacks will cause you to lose a lot of health.

You can also use the vehicles to drive through levels and avoid obstacles. The game has a simple but fun storyline and great visual effects. You can find tips on how to defeat the bosses and other information about gameplay in the game’s help section.

Own character

This latest beat em up game is one of the best games available for sale on the App Store. Beat the Boss 3 contains a large number of weapons, vehicles and power ups that make playing the game a real challenge. It is possible to build your own character and personalize him by changing various attributes, such as hair style and skin color. There are even different ways to increase your chances of success, when playing beat the boss games. You can buy different weapons, increase your life bar and increase your chances of earning cash as well.

Cool power

There are some really cool power ups in this game that allow you to transform into different characters including rock star, super villain and even animals. When you transform into a character, you automatically lose some health but you will also be able to execute powerful moves and attacks against your enemies. Some of these moves include flying through the air, smashing objects and lots more. You will learn how to make uses of a variety of different weapons and power ups so that you can win the battle for control of the game and be the ultimate boss.


There are several interesting levels in this game that can be played repeatedly. Once you complete all of them you will be awarded with a special prize. Among these prizes include an Apple iPad and free unlimited Wi-Fi connection. If you like to play games where you have to save the world, beat the boss and earn money then this is the game for you. You will not only beat the boss 3 times but you will also learn how to make use of different resources and tips for making your overall efficiency in life better.

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