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Be The Judge is a puzzle game in which player has to make decisions while playing the game. Be The Judge is one of the most downloaded applications from the Google Play Store for both Android and IOS devices. It has enjoyed great popularity in the mobile gaming world as well.

Many people compare Be The Judge with Lemonade Tycoon because both games are based on real-life legal situations. Be The Judge is a new game developed by Deckard Chanel which is now available in the market.

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Be The Judge Ethical Puzzles Apk

Be The Judge Ethical Puzzles Mod is very much similar to the popular Lemonade Tycoon. However, this application comes with its own unique features and exciting new features which are not available in its competitor. Be The Judge includes 100% brand new content which is entirely new and fresh.

This means that the features provided by this application will never be found in other applications. Be The Judge features all the standard features which have made it very popular with players.

Interesting Feature

The most interesting feature of Be The Judge is its mind teaser video games. The mind teaser video games are a series of logical puzzle games which challenge your mental skills. These games are based on real legal cases in which the lawyers face their opponents in an actual court.

These logical and sensible video games are quite popular amongst players who love to challenge their minds with games that makes use of different concepts and laws in court.

Player Campaign

The mind video games are divided into two parts. Firstly, there is a single-player campaign that challenges you to solve riddles and puzzles to win the case and save the defendant. Secondly, there is a multi-player mode where you can play against players of the same system or even against the computer.

Be The Judge offers you both single and multi-player game modes, allowing you to enjoy the content while not wasting your time online.

Dred Scott

There are several challenges in Be The Judge which is based on real legal cases from history. These include issues like Double jeopardy, Dred Scott, King James’ Bench, slavery, naturalization, and habeas corpus. Each of these challenges needs you to solve a number of riddles and mind-check video games.

Be The Judge also has several different themes and different sets of cases for you to choose from, allowing you to stay completely entertained and at the same time increasing your chances of winning the case.

Logical Mind Teasers

One of the best parts about Be The Judge is the riddles and the logical mind teasers that you will be solving. Riddles require various forms of logic such as deductive reasoning, pattern matching, elimination, and pattern identification. Each of these different types of logic puzzles will give you different points based on your answers.

Social Security Number

For example, there are legal cases in which you will be asked to deduce the possible outcomes from the facts provided by the video games. If you correctly answer the questions in a legal case, you will receive a set of points. For example, if you correctly answer the question, “Who is eligible to apply for a new social security number?”

Minority Group

You will also be given several options when it comes to choosing your legal case. First, you have the option of selecting cases that focus on either gender or age. You also have the option of selecting legal cases that focus on a minority group or an ethnic group. Finally, in the event that you are unable to solve a certain case, you will be asked to start another legal case from scratch.


Bethe Judge legal puzzle is a great way to relax your mind while enjoying a good game of solitaire. It is also a great solution to help you learn how to use different types of logic and problem-solving skills. If you are looking for a new puzzle that will challenge and entertain you, then you will definitely enjoy Bethe Judge.

Each square of the puzzle contains a clue that will lead you to the next letter. Once you solve the puzzle, you will be able to see your answers displayed on the screen and you will earn a point based on your correct answers.

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