Battlelands Royale Apk (MOD Features ads-free/ unlimited everything)

Battlelands Royale is a new online multiplayer browser game in which you pit your wits against other players from around the globe. The game is extremely exciting, adventurous and full of excitement. Players control their own armies and use them to do battle on land, sea and even under the sea.

Your goal in Battlelands Royale is simple – defeat your enemies and emerge a winner. To do this, you will need to build your own base and gather resources to arm and fuel your army.

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Battlelands Royale Mod Apk

More freedom

The Battlelands Royale Mod allows you to have more freedom than what is possible in the game itself. The controls are simple and straightforward, which allows for quick and smooth transition from one phase of gameplay to another. You can move units, zoom in and out, move buildings and perform other important tasks using just your mouse.

Supply drops

You can also use supply drops to replenish your soldiers or other units before going on to the next battle. When the supply drops run out, you will have to construct more of them to replenish your ranks. Supply drops are essential, especially in Endless War, as you will be able to build up your supply very quickly.

Another feature of Battlelands

Another feature of Battlelands Royale is the ability to play with up to 32 players at a time. This is great for competitive play, as it means you can choose to battle in co-op mode with a friend or compete head to head. The game is quite fun for single player as well – you can take on the computer to complete a level without having to spend a lot of time on the tutorials.

Faster and stronger

Alternatively, you can play against bots that you have created using Battlelands Royale’s Battlepacks. Bots are much faster and stronger than the actual people that Battlelands Royale pits against each other, so you can be sure that you’ll be a contender for the highest score right from the start!

Android device

To get the Battlelands Royale APK to work on your Android device, you will need to first install Battlelands Royale onto your PC. This can be done by clicking onto Google Play at the bottom of the screen, then searching for “APK Download”. Once you’ve installed the Battlelands Royale APK, it’s also recommended you install the official Battlelands Royale Facebook page on your Android device as well.


After installing everything that is needed, you will be ready to begin playing Battlelands Royale. Choose whichever difficulty you are most comfortable with, and tap the Start button to enter the battle. It is important to note that the controls are not yet working on this version of the game.


However, the developers of the Battlelands Royale application are working on an update that will allow the controls to function properly. If you want to play with the controls eventually, it’s highly encouraged that you install the official Battlelands Royale application on your phone. As mentioned above, it will give you access to all of the in-game information and options.


The Battlelands Royale features a unique single-shooter action game play. You’ll use an assortment of weapons and special attacks to knock off opponents. There are also a wide variety of challenges, which unlock additional stages as you earn more points. The game progresses at a steady pace, so you can’t lose track of all the action. Some of the Battlelands Royale’s main single-shooter features include:

Single-shooter features

Although this Battlelands Royale review focuses on the single-shooter features, there is another great feature that you should check out. If you happen to go through the link at the end of this article and check out the in-depth walkthrough for the Battlelands Royale, you may encounter a hidden easter egg!

When you find the egg, you’ll be presented with two options – allow the computer to do what you want, or click on a link that will take you directly to the Battlelands Royale’s home page.

Multiplayer mode

In addition to the single-shooter action, the Battlelands Royale has a cool multiplayer mode as well. Although it doesn’t offer the same amount of content as the single-shooter version, it does have some great features. Players can set up a friendly match against another player using their Battlelands Royale account.


Each player has their own score board and bonus stage, which means that winning a match will net you plenty of real-time fast-paced gold and other great stuff. If you want to get as much gold as you can, it might be a good idea to download Battlelands Royale mod apk onto your computer right away – it really is that good!


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