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Battle Prime is a Free Android Modification. Battle Prime is an awesome looking mod for your phone. Its one of the most sought after and powerful downloaded mods for your phone.

Battle Prime (unlimited currency) Download The latest Apk Version of Battle Prime, an action packed mod for Android. ThisMOD includes unlimited currency. If you think you can only dream about collecting millions in any currency game then you sure won’t get it with Battle Prime. Battle Prime will let you earn unlimited credits and cash, buy all the weapons and vehicles from the market, get XP’s and much more. Try it now and enjoy the unlimited power.

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Battle Prime’s

Get Battle Prime’s Multiplayer APK here. It contains all features of Battle Pass except for the rewards. It has extra levels, new modes, new rewards and much more. You can play against the computer or other players online. Battle Prime’s multiplayer apk allows you to challenge your friends for the top honors in the World of Warcraft.Battle Prime Mod Apk

Battle Prime’s Multiplayer

Battle Royal is a cool mod for your phone. Battle Royal is a complete package of all types of shooting games. These are fully rendered, awesome graphics and highly challenging gameplay. You are set against some of the best cartoon characters from around the world. Battle Royal is definitely one of the best shooting games available today.

Battle Prime’s APK

Battle Prime is a multiplayer shooter that features top notch quality and extremely exciting shooting action. Battle Prime is a unique concept, which combines some of the best elements of classic sci-fi mod and traditional multiplayer shooter. Battle Prime is a sci-fi themed theme in which you take on the role of a secret agent who must save Earth from the evil wrath of the Galactic Federation.

Unique concept

Battle Prime is a unique concept which mixes traditional shooting games with space themed themes. This mod is now one of the most popular free apps on Google Play. It was recently inspired by the movie “Men in Black” as well as the TV series “24”. The main character in Battle Prime is the famous anti-hero Dr. Isaac “Xenol” Grant who must protect Earth from the evil Xarc uniform. Battle Prime is an excellent choice for a smart sci-fi action shooting game today.Battle Prime Apk

Level your character

This is a great mod for those who love to collect all types of Rare Android Phones, Battle Prime is sure to be a hit for many. This awesome app comes with 100% new content. There are no ads, in-app purchases or any type of downloads. You only need to download the Battle Prime mod (with the unlimited money option) and start playing immediately. You can even level your character right in the beginning.

All the features

Battle Prime is an excellent addition to any Android mobile devices and delivers an incredible value. With all the features, this game will provide, it’s a must-have. If you are a fan of Rare and sci-fi then this is a must-have. If you don’t have the money for the full version, don’t worry, you can always play for free. This game is truly worth your time!


Battle Prime is unlike any of its competitors. The action is top notch, the game is challenging, it has a diverse number of weapons, and overall, it offers a challenging gameplay experience. Battle Royal Games are known to have very interesting and solid third-person shooting games. As with most Rare games, though, this one has an amazing selection of weapons, characters, and other vehicles as well. It also has plenty of free downloadable content available as well.

Budget games

Like the majority of Rare smartphone games, Battle Prime is available at a very low price. This is good news for consumers, as it means that you won’t be stuck paying ridiculous prices for mobile gaming accessories. Although the in-game expenses are minimal, it still pays to shop around when looking to purchase a game. You’ll find that most of the budget games have in-game currency costs as well, and you should consider this as well.

First-person shooter

Battle Prime is a unique first-person shooter developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Cryptic Studios Europe S.A. It offers users an addictive fast-paced action game with multiple player modes, challenging single player modes, and plenty of exciting weapons, vehicles, and extra life.

The unique ability to change the playing environment mid-game gives Battle Prime an exciting, chaotic feel even in its non-traditional competitive mode.Battle Prime Apk Free Download

The developers did a great job of crafting a fast-paced, fun, and competitive game that will please casual gamers as well as hardcore action fans.


As if Battle Prime wasn’t exciting enough on its own, you’ll also enjoy its unique multiplayer mode, which provides an excellent opportunity for you to get rewards for your efforts. To get rewards, you simply need to play all the levels and all the missions. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll only get rewards for playing Battle Prime using a computer device.

If you want to play this multiplayer title with a friend or a partner, you must each purchase a copy of Battle Prime separately. Otherwise, both of you will have to play the game using your personal consoles to get the benefits of one another’s performance!

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