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Battle Forces: Normandy is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or massively multi-player online role-playing game, for the PC. It's been designed by Gearbox Software, a studio based in the United States, which has licensed several video game titles.
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October 1, 2022
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Battle Forces: Normandy is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game, for the PC. It’s been designed by Gearbox Software, a studio based in the United States, which has licensed several video game titles. Battle Forces are one such title, and it’s been designed to use the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. Here is some information on Battle Forces: Normandy for your reference.

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Battle Forces Mod

Battle Forces is a first-person shooter, or MMO, with a cool cyberpunk theme, a high-quality graphics card, and a huge variety of multiplayer features that will surely thrill all Battle Forces fans out there. In Battle Forces: Normandy, players are required to make their own personalized videos that depict their experiences during actual military actions and are shown on the famous Battle Grounds simulator video gallery.

Battle Grounds feature

The Battle Grounds feature offers six different character classes, each with its own special abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, and even its own unique leader. All these factors combine to make the Battle Forces game very interesting because it gives the player a chance to experience a military encounter from the perspective of an important and influential character.

United States Army

There are two sides to Battle Forces: Normandy. The first is the United States Army, which is mainly composed of the 101st Airborne Division, the 7th Military Division, the 3rd Special Forces Group, and the 5th Mountain Division. The second team consists of the French Armed Forces, which includes the 4th Armoured Division, the 2nd Cavalry Division, the 3rd Special Forces Group, and the French Resistance.

Cyborg soldiers

The story of Battle Forces: Normandy revolves around the conflicts between these two countries. As a soldier in either side, you have the opportunity to choose from several different types of service, including the air, land, and sea component of your gameplay. You can also get into PvP battles and do battle against the cybernetically equipped cyborg soldiers of the opposing team.

Regular soldiers

The hero units of both sides start out on the ground before they are classified into their specific class. For instance, the Army starts out as a group of regular soldiers, while the cybernetically enhanced resistance fighters of the French Armed Forces have no visible icons on the screen, but you can tell that they are using a machine gun by the green flashes that appear on their heads.

Recon marine

The six different character classes available include the Recon marine, who is classified as the standard soldier, the Recon soldier, who can utilize military assault vehicles, and the recon marine’s carbine, which allows him to wield heavier weapons than usual. Finally, there is the engineer, who can use a demolitions kit to clear buildings or bunkers that are being used by the enemy.

Battle stations

Battle Forces is a free-for-all online game that involves both battle stations and a great deal of hand-to-hand combat. However, it also features a strong multiplayer mode that allows you to pit your wits against the top gamers on the World Wide Web.

The most interesting part of Battle Forces is that it is being developed by an all-star development team that includes the famous Star Wars creator, George Lucas. If you enjoy playing classic online shooters such as Call of Duty and Left 4 Dead, then this could be a perfect fit for you.

Exciting features

Battle Forces offers a lot of exciting features and benefits. One of them is that you can chat with other players online while playing this exciting online game mod. You can also take a break from your fight and engage in conversations with your teammates.

Another cool feature of Battle Forces is its Android port. You can use your own Battle Field simulator to test your skills and nerves against the other android players around the globe.

Enemy soldiers

When you want to experience the real action and excitement, try Battle Forces Mobile. This exciting mobile application is available for free and you can find many game modes, types, and features in this mod. If you love shooting the enemy soldiers and destroying their targets, then you should definitely try this mod. As one of the most downloaded and best action games on Google play, you can choose to download Battle Forces Mobile for free from Google Play.


If you think the Android version of Battle Forces is not as good as the PC version, then you can always download battle forces ps3 for free from our website. This award-winning shooter mod for android features all the high-quality graphics and sound effects of the PC version. You can also connect with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and text, so you can enjoy the thrill of multiplayer action in real-time.

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