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Battle Blobs Mod is a very mod friendly Android app. I really don’t know why a lot of people who are not really into modding stuffs find Battle Blobs so appealing. For me, Battle Blobs Mod Apk download is one of the easiest and most enjoyable mods I have made. As for me, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t make them a part of their favorite video game. Battle Blobs Mod Apk is probably going to be one of the biggest modding hit this year. Read on to learn more about it.

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Simple project

Battle Blobs is a mod for the version of the popular Facebook game called Facebook: Star Wars – Galactic War. It started as a simple project, but turned out to be much more than that. When it first launched, it only contained three extremely tiny little bots, but now it has grown into something more.

It now has well over sixty four different bots to play with, and that number is growing everyday. If you want to have some fun while playing Facebook, you should definitely download Battle Blobs and enjoy all the new features.

Kinds of bots

As mentioned above, Battle Blobs has many different kinds of bots to play with. For example, there are those that have massive weapons, others that can fly, and some that can heal themselves. You can play the game using any of these, or even some combination. The choice is really up to you.

Start playing

The first thing you’ll notice when you start playing Battle Blobs is how well it really fits in with the Star Wars universe. The design of the game is very nice, and it’s really neat to use. I especially like how each character looks so realistic. I also really enjoy the way that you get to build your own weapon and customize it with different parts.

Based format

Battle Blobs looks great. The entire game is made out of a tile based format which really looks nice. The music is fantastic, and it gets really exciting when you’re near an enemy.

Unfortunately, the voice actors for all the characters in the game are quite bland, but they still do a good job. I mean, they are Battle Blobs after all, so it’s always a disappointment to see them performing a bit less than stellar.


Battle Blobs mod is also great for those who like to play games on Facebook with friends. Since you can play locally as much as you’d like, you can easily get into competitions with friends. Plus, you can also invite them to play Battle Blobs from your Facebook account if you want to play together. It’s just like having a local chat in real life.

Play locally

Battle Blobs really comes across as a quality game. The graphics are clean and crisp, and it really looks like a lot of the best games on the market. It’s very enjoyable to play, and it really feels like a classic arcade game. If you have never played something with this much content at once, you should definitely try it out. It’s not the biggest game, but it’s worth a look.


Battle Blobs Mod is a free download, and it’s available for Facebook too. Like the actual game, it’s beautiful too. You can really tell that it was made by a professional, even if it’s not the most attractive game on Facebook. It’s not like anything you’ve played before, and it might just become one of your favorites.

Great game

Battle Blobs Mod isn’t just for Facebook though. It also works well on MySpace, and it even works on Squidoo. It makes a great game for social networking sites, because you can add friends and family members and play the game together. You can also post comments about the game and ask for suggestions or problems. It’s a great way to make friends online.

Growing too

Battle Blobs Mod has millions of people playing it now, and that’s just through the Facebook community. The official website is growing too, and it really should have some great features that would help attract more players. Some of them would include maps, achievements, and even a leaderboard. Having a leaderboard would be really nice, because it would encourage people to play the game with their friends.


Battle Blobs Mod is really a great game. It’s very exciting to play. You can play against friends or opponents online, and you can build anything you want in the game. You can create different animals, houses, castles, and more. The game itself is fun, and you will get addicted when you really start to play. If you like Plants vs. Zombies, then you will like Battle Blobs too.

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