Banana Kong Apk [September-2022] (Mod Features Latest Version with Unlimited Bananas/Hearts)

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Banana Kong Mod Apk Download Latest Version

Download the most recent version of the banana Kong mod apk to experience an exhilarating ride through forests, caves, and treetops.


When playing the game, participants end up playing the role of an adorable gorilla struggling with his pile of banana strips. It has grown to large fast. In addition, facing the consequences as the banana strips into his body. Aid Kong in the wilderness trying to stay out of the ravaging bananas.

This game is game that is a versatile platformer that every Android gamer should carry on their phone. However, you’ll have a lot of fun while exploring the many interesting transportation options that our tiny Kong will discover as playing through the different instructions within Banana Kong.

Experience the smooth and enjoyable game’s continuous gameplay while you enjoy swinging through deadly bluffs, crashing by deterrents that hinder your progress as well as riding on a vast variety of different creatures that are available through the many guides you’ll find.

Additional Game:

The Banana Kong Mod Apk features.


With simple but beautiful 3D graphics, Banana Kong is absolutely an amazing game that can be played by Android players to enjoy on their devices. In addition, the entertaining and captivating craftsmanship styles and character designs make the game interesting and enjoyable. Additionally, the HD support for the game will make the game more vivid for gamers who want to be flexible.


Enjoy your time playing Banana Kong while you dive into the soundtracks that build habits and the innate audio cues that guide you throughout your sessions. You’ll be trapped in amazing wilderness-like air and the sky’s the limit once you reach that point.

Play for free

Despite having such an abundance of amazing features it is also free to Android players from all over the world to enjoy on their phones. Therefore, you are able to download it via Google Play Store. Google Play Store without paying any money. But, because it’s a title that’s fermium it’s likely to have discounts and in-app purchases which could be annoying.

Connecting between Facebook or Google Play Service Google Play Service or Facebook indicates an open substance.

In addition, to assist you with getting the most out of Banana Kong encounters, Android gamers can also avail of additional features. All that is required is to link your social accounts in the games. This will allow you to use the Cloud Save choice, ensuring that you don’t lose any of your game progresses.

It is also possible to compete with your online friends and fellow gamers all over the world to win ultimate prizes on the leaderboards, for players attracted. Join your account, and you’ll be able to see all of your friends who are playing as their game progresses.

Essential, clear, and habit-forming, ongoing interaction

The first and most important thing is that Android gamers will be being able to experience the basic direct, simple, but extremely habit-forming and constant contact with Banana Kong. Meet our fascinating gorilla about his adventures through the wilds of exotic jungles and tropical islands and other regions across the globe, to get rid of his chore of cleaning.

Examine the exciting and exciting continuous interaction you can take advantage of whenever you’re given the chance. It takes just 10 seconds to launch the game and play. Furthermore, the automated interaction along with the control system will help make it much more enjoyable.

Play diverse platformer challenges in various guides

Additionally, as you begin your most memorable Banana Kong experiences, the game will also help you to become acquainted with the vast universe that provides a wealth of interesting guides. Take on massive challenges throughout the game, and explore diverse areas.

Explore the infinite universe of Banana Kong while you watch your child companion wandering through the wilds, swimming beneath the ocean, or hanging at dangerous Bluffs. The sky is your limit when you’re playing Banana Kong.

intriguing methods of movement using Kong

Additionally to those who are interested this game also offers an array of intriguing possibilities for traveling with our Kong. You can freely move around on your feet, or hop onto any plant you see and sway across obstacles. Take a leap on a pig, and end up riding at a high speed.

You can even take a toucan to aid your overweight gorilla to overcome the obstacles. Utilize the natural landscapes and travel options that are accessible to overcome the challenges quickly.

Consume a banana for additional concentration and speed boost.

Gamers who play Banana Kong are also likely to be able to enjoy the tasty bananas while fleeing away from the wave of banana strips trying to take them. Be sure to throw the banana strips back like the gangster. In addition, as you collect all the fruits, you’ll receive additional focuses and get rewards for the banana’s power. Let your power flow and smash through any obstacles blocking your path.


The fans of the famous Banana Kong Blast will be able to play a new amazing platformer to play on their phones thanks to the launch of Banana Kong. Experience the first real Kong experience at any point you are playing the game. Furthermore, as it’s completely absolutely free to enjoy and enjoy, we can’t see any reason to not give it a chance.

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