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Ball Sort Puzzle is a game that is very popular among all age groups. It has been downloaded from the Android Market within the first week itself. The reason for its popularity is that it is unique and attractive as all other puzzle games available in the mobile phone. Ball Sort Puzzle is a bubble sort game where you have to clear all the bubbles of every level without deleting them.

Ball Sort Puzzle

Ball Sort Puzzle is a bubble sort game on which you can compete with others through its entertaining screen and spectacular colors. To play this game, you have to slide your finger inside the bubbles which are on the screen and let it pass to the inner part of the tube. After that, you will have to take a break and after removing it from the screen you have to wait for the next turn. You will have to enter all the balls in the inner part of the tube until you clear the screen.

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Background Music

Ball Sort Puzzle has a soothing background music which makes it so relaxing. You can choose from different themes to match your mood or according to the time of day. Ball Sort Puzzle is an enjoyable and relaxing game for all. There are various factors that make this particular game so special and unique. Some of those factors are:

Simple Principle

The game is designed in such a way that you do not lose any time when you play it. Its bubble clearing idea is a unique one. The whole concept is based on a simple principle, which is to just let the bubbles pass through the tube by sliding your finger inside it and doesn’t allow them to fall out of the tube.

Due to this idea, the Ball Sort Puzzle is a very quick relaxing game to play. You might not notice it but within a second or two, you will understand that playing this game is quite relaxing.

Unique Features

There are several unique features in the Ball Sort Puzzle, which makes it different from other games. The first and foremost feature is the large screen which makes it easier for you to see the ball as it goes through the tube. This is because there are no small buttons and small icons for controlling the game.

The second unique feature is the ability of the users to adjust the size of the bubbles with one finger control. You can either drag the bubbles with one finger or release them with another.

Unique Icon System

One of the most interesting features of Ball Sort Puzzle is its use of the unique icon system. The icons in the game represent different things in the puzzle. They help the players to locate the required ball. For example, an orange helps you find the ball in the green section of the screen. Apart from those, there are also other features such as the four levels of difficulty, which helps the new users to increase their confidence.

Puzzle Game

As you know, the Ball Sort Puzzle game has been designed in such a way that it is easy to understand and play. Even the beginner users with limited knowledge of java can easily handle the game. If you want to download the Ball Sort Puzzle game apk, you can do it from any authentic android software downloading site. In fact, many users have rated the app highly and they are happy with its features and simplicity.


To conclude, Ball Sort Puzzle is a great and innovative android puzzle mobile game. It provides infinite fun and excitement. However, in order to enjoy the full benefits of the program, you should always ensure that the device is free from any kind of virus. After that, you should make sure that the battery of your phone is sufficient enough so that you don’t need to recharge the same numerous times in a day. Once you have finished the game, you should try to optimize the performance of your device with the help of the free android optimizer mod apk.

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