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Badoo Premium Apk is an internet-based dating service that was introduced. Like other online dating sites, this one is focused on providing a fast and easy setting for singles to join
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Badoo Premium Apk is an internet-based dating service that was introduced. Like other online dating sites, this one is focused on providing a fast and easy setting for singles to join and get to know their counterparts. According to the statistics that show there are around sixty million users active each month, and around 300 thousand new sign-ups each day. Up to the year, 2020 Badoo can be downloaded in the world in 190 countries, with 47 languages, and draws more than 40 million people, making this app available worldwide.

With the accessibility of websites and application platforms, users can make use of Badoo in conjunction with one account. Because of the simple interface, everything is within your reach and you can have your account set up in only 10 minutes. This could be the primary reason behind the huge number of accounts being installed by young people around the world.

In general, Badoo Mod Apk is the most recent app created by the Badoo company and is available for IOS as well as Android. Additionally, it’s recommended for those who aren’t searching for their soulmate by numerous users. Let’s take a look at the attributes Badoo offers and how you can utilize it!

Badoo Premium Apk

Badoo Sign Up

The process of signing up at Badoo isn’t difficult. First, you have to fill in the required information like first name and gender birthday, city and then choose what you want to sign up for (dates chat, date, friendship). The app will also ask users to upload their photos however, you are able to skip it until the process is completed after. Then, you will receive an account verification link that is delivered to your email address.

Once you have verified your email address, you’ll be able to start using Badoo. Like other dating apps, you must take the test of personality during the registration process to identify matches. However, Badoo doesn’t require that information, so it can lead you straight to your profile’s dashboard.

Remember that you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of a Badoo account after your email address is verified because it’s the first step to signing up for an account. In contrast, you could use your smartphone or connect Badoo to your social media account to verify your identity. To determine if you are verified or not, there’ll be a checkmark in blue under the picture of your profile.

Badoo lets every user connect with other profiles without blurred photos. This means that you won’t be able to complete a certain task, like buying coins, playing games, or increasing your profile’s image when you haven’t uploaded at the very least a photo. During the verification process, you have to capture a picture of yourself in the same pose you see in the image Badoo provides in the previous sample picture. You are then allowed to send your image to the Badoo team and the lock-down temporary will be lifted.

It is clear that the process of verification of photos is so rigorous that Badoo will ensure safety for all users. If you fail to pass the test, you’ll likely be excluded from the dating application.

Badoo Features


  • Developer: Badoo
  • Category: Social
  • Released: 17th December 2010
  • Updated: 10th August 2020
  • Current Version: 5.203.1
  • Requirements: 5.0

Straightforward Contact Making

Badoo Encounters

The Encounters lets you find matches quickly and quickly. By displaying matches one by one, you’ll be able to view the most important information about the user including names, age, and shared interests, as well as the profile photo in each post. If you’re interested in the person then you click”hearts. In contrast, you can select the X icon to turn off the person you are interested in. It’s a lot like the functionality of swipes left or right within Tinder. Tinder application.

Badoo Premium Mod Apk

In addition, you can use the filter feature to select just guys and girls, or even the age range you require. If you’re a meticulous person, you can browse and share the profiles of other users using the links located in the upper right-hand corner of your right hand.

People Nearby

This is the main search feature of Badoo because it lets users find other members. To limit the results you get when you search, you can apply filters like location, gender, distance from you, or select those who are currently online. It’s not only about finding someone that is near to you, as you can find people with a private position.


There is no requirement to upgrade to premium in order to utilize this feature but uploading your picture is the prerequisite. You can however send two messages to people who are not yet matched. If the other counterparts respond to the two messages you sent and you’re able to send another to inquire about dates.

To ensure that you don’t miss any messages to not miss any message, you can configure to receive notifications and emails in the event of any new messages. If there are people you’re most interested in, keep their profile on your favorites list. In addition, you can remove members who have been accused of doing inappropriate things so that they can’t contact you again.

In the midst of a myriad of dating apps, the messaging feature is an essential element. Certain people might feel that they are not regulated or insecure, but the primary purpose behind the use of Badoo is to locate your ideal partner. There is no reason why this feature should be a hassle.

Organized and Simple Design

The style of the Badoo application is contemporary and pleasing to the eyes. For instance, it is easy to find dates or hookups, as well as additional features, that can be set up in a way that is logical. So, looking for friends, flings, or chat partners will be possible any time and from anywhere. Additionally, the app’s function is easy to use and simple.

In general, Badoo put more effort into the mobile version of their app than the desktop version. There’s a wide array of options and features to discover within the app, so you can make new friends as many times as possible while on the move.

Special Features

Badoo Mod Apk has some distinct features and games that are truly fascinating. However, there’s an issue. According to the report, this app is only available to people who are looking for hookups, and casual date nights. That is, the majority of users use appearance as a basis to select without taking into consideration views and interests or even personality.

  • Your Profile’s Score: Users are able to store your images. Your profile will be more prominent when you score more points.
  • Visitors: You can find out who visited your profile by using this feature

Games Feature

  • Gifts: You can purchase gifts for other members with your credit card and also make use of emojis to entice people to join as well.
  • Likenesses Badoo can determine who you’re akin to based on your picture. If you’re attracted to a certain member, you can use the lookalikes feature in order to find other members with similar characteristics.

Comparison Between Free Services and Fee-Based Services

Let’s look at the differences between using Badoo for free service and paying for it when using Badoo.

Free Version

  • Search Filters
  • Basic messaging, including premium members
  • Verifying your profile
  • Checking who has been to your profile
  • Search using the ‘Lookalikes’ function

Premium Version

  • Viewing profiles of members in anonymity
  • Being featured as a member
  • Highlighting your messages
  • Checking out who added you to the”favorites” list
  • Sending Crush alerts
  • Active stickers
  • Gifts for the holidays
  • Being the first to meet new members.

You can observe the primary attributes of Badoo for free are enough to make it worthwhile. But, you can also enjoy additional benefits when you sign into a premium account. You can use any feature of premium membership for a day or even for your entire life. When compared to other providers, however, Badoo’s pricing is the average.

Badoo Apk

Credits are regarded as Badoo’s currency in-service and can be used to purchase certain advantages.

  • Your profile can be found in Encounters
  • Increases your Encounters quota
  • Notify other members that you’re online
  • It increases your chat quota up to 5
  • Your picture is now showing in the tab of most popular users.

You can also program your credit automatically whenever they’re less than a certain amount.

General Evaluation


  • There isn’t much spam.
  • It is easy to find individuals in the vicinity.
  • Three-step verification requirements.
  • A comprehensive and basic service that includes chat, messaging users, as well as uploading pictures.


  • Basics cannot have access to information about your profile.
  • This app is not very well-known across North America.

Downloading and Installing Badoo Instruction

It’s simple to download and install Badoo. First, you download the APK file. After that, go into Settings on your phone and select Security. After that, you select Unknown Sources before moving to the download file folder. You will then see the file apk and click Install. It may take some time to download this file onto your device, therefore you must be patient. It is also the last step of the process to install so that you are able to use the application once the installation process is completed.

FAQs Badoo

What Can I Do If There Is Someone Violating the Badoo Terms & Conditions?

In this instance, you will be able to report directly to those who are violating your rights directly to Badoo. Badoo team. Particularly, you’ll complete the Feedback page with specific examples of the abuse or other violations that users committed. Based on that, Badoo has enough evidence to identify the problem. If not, go onto the page of these users and click on an option to Report Abuse option. After that, you must make a thorough complaint before sending it.

Can I remove My Profile on Badoo?

Yes, you can remove yourself from Badoo under settings. There, you’ll find Delete Profile and choose that option. When you click, Badoo retains your account for a period of approximately 30 days. This gives you the opportunity to think about and then reactivate your account in the event of changing your decision. It is obvious that after 30 days the account will be deleted permanently. Badoo account is removed forever.

What Is the Function of The Crush Feature on Badoo?

It’s a way of sending the person who you are interested in a message. Also, that other users will be aware that you are a fan of theirs. In order to do this when you are in Encounters, you can click on the photo of your crush, and Badoo lets you send crushes to a variety of users with Credits. When you send a crush, people who are interested in your profile right away. Then, you realize that you have the option of reversing the action after you have made the Crush.

How Can I Know Profiles on Badoo Are Real?

As we mentioned earlier as mentioned above, there is an inscription in blue beneath the photo of each profiled user. It is a sense of security that you have this checkmark which indicates that the profile has been verified. Badoo is among the dating websites with complicated verification of photos however it’s possible that fake profiles compromise the security of the site. To protect women on the platform, request a selfie from the person you are chatting with.

What Is Included in Badoo Gifts?

They are usually bought with credit. They’re quite similar to the actual presents. You can, for instance, purchase flower stickers that are similar to giving your loved ones flowers. In reality, these gifts are intended to attract the attention of others.

Can I Find Out Someone Likes Me on The Badoo?

You can check your Liked You directory to view those who are voting. Yes, they will vote for you when they meet your name in Encounters. This feature is only available to users with a Premium account.

How Can I Get the Badoo Secret Awards?

You can win prizes for having the highest conversations or by obtaining the most score on your profile. The secret awards are typically concealed because they are private badges that only each user can earn. They won’t be available until you have any awards.


In the end, Badoo Mod APK receives a high overall rating for customer satisfaction as well as value for money and ease of use, security, and also the ability to block scams. It is suggested to start with a free account, instead of committing to a premium membership immediately. With its distinct options, Badoo is doing so effectively and efficiently. Although the app appears to not be suitable for those searching for a lifelong partner, however, it’s worthwhile if are looking for an enjoyable and casual relationship.

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